Christian Association, CAN Directs Churches In Nigeria To Vote Against Presidential Candidates With Links To Drugs, Boko Haram

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has directed all churches in Nigeria to advise their members to vote against presidential candidates who have been linked to hard drugs, Boko Haram, corruption or any violent religious groups before.
This was disclosed in a circular which emanated from the Political and Strategy Committee of CAN and was sent to all churches in Nigeria.

According to the circular, titled “2023 General Elections; Whom To Vote For,” CAN enumerated qualities that the presidential candidate must possess and the policies that should either be implemented or rejected.
Among the qualities CAN said Christians should look out for in a candidate are honesty, truthfulness, respect for the rule of law, respect for religious and ethnic diversity, compassion, disciplined and credibility.
The body said the candidate must not be a member of any cult, and must not have any involvement with drugs, witchcraft, Boko Haram or any violent religious group.
CAN said the candidate is required to have performed excellently in previous positions, must have good education sufficient to manage a complex society, and have effective management skills of human and natural resources.
The circular reads: “Offices must be shared fairly to every section of Nigeria. There must be equal ethnic and religious representation in military and security agencies. We say no to the RUGA settlement policy and yes to ranching. There should be education and free healthcare for all Nigerians including almajiris. We reject open grazing, rather, there should be modernisation of animal husbandry, local control of economy including waters, rivers and forests. Everyone should control what we have.
“The candidate must not be a member of any cult, must have no involvement in drugs and witchcraft, no fanaticism, no relationship to Boko Haram or other violent religious groups. The person must have quality performance in previous positions, good education sufficient to manage a complex society, effective management of human and natural resources.  The person must have the ability to envision transformation, ability to communicate the vision to diverse peoples, ability to effectively effect the vision of transformation, must be in good health, sound mind and physical fitness for the job.”


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