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Haus Labs


“I was not yet an expert in the beauty industry when I first launched Haus Labs,” Lady Gaga confesses to me over Zoom from her bathroom. In front of her is a collection of brightly colored products—the new version of Haus Labs. “Back then, I was an expert in my stage makeup, an expert in my red carpet makeup, an expert in fashion makeup.”

The OG Haus Labs launched in 2019, giving consumers the Lady Gaga makeup experience. And we wanted it! But in the last two and a half years, Gaga has realized two things:

  1. Most consumers aren’t wearing a version of her stage, red carpet, or fashion makeup.
  2. Her cravings regarding her makeup routine are no longer the same.

    And so, as of today, Haus Labs has changed, too.

    You’ll still find all the artistry you’d expect from a makeup line from Lady Gaga—bold pigments and cool textures—and something that’s a surprise, too. “All of the products are infused with skincare ingredients, some of which are proprietary to our lab,” she shares. “We’ve also removed 2,600 dirty ingredients. So you’re getting that high performance and high pigment payoff. You’re also getting makeup that makes a difference in your skin.”

    The day we talk, Gaga’s eyes are painted with the Hy-Power Pigment Paint in Mint Matte, which matches the latex blazer she’s wearing. It comes in 20 different matte and shimmer varieties, including subtle rose golds, a muted peach, and any bold shade your heart could desire. And don’t forget the bonus ingredients: low weight hyaluronic acid

    and squalane.


    Haus Labs


    “I love lip stains,” she says while dabbing a doe-foot onto her mouth. “But not how they always seem to dry my lips out, so we made a lip oil that doubles as a stain. Once you blot it, it seeps into your lips, leaving you with a beautiful pH-balancing color.”

    When people think of clean beauty, they usually think of no-makeup makeup. Haus Labs’s newest iteration is breaking that mold—you can now have your Euphoria-inspired beauty look while using products that are part of the clean beauty world. On top of the previously mentioned universal paints and lip oil stains, there are gel-bronzers, highlighters, lip crayons, eyeliners, and brow pencils, all available at the brand’s website and Sephora.

    And for those who still want the full Gaga-face, don’t stress. “You will still recognize this brand as an artistry brand without ever calling it a clean brand,” she adds.

    The new Haus Labs launches are available starting June 9th at Sephora and

    haus labs

    Haus Labs

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