Buhari Says Many Nigerians Have Short Memories, Insists His Government Cleaned Up PDP’s Mess, Responded To Kidnapping, Banditry, Others Promptly

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday described many Nigerians as having short memories, saying they needed to be reminded about the state of Nigeria when his government came to power in 2015.
Buhari said this in his speech at the ruling All Progressives Congress National Convention in Abuja on Tuesday.

The President never misses an opportunity to blame the opposition Peoples Democratic Party for his administration’s failure to tackle the most basic challenges, let alone the challenges of insecurity and worsening economy.
“Fellow delegates, fellow men, women, youths, citizens of our country, many people have short memories, but let us remember the situation we inherited.
“A nearly dead economy in spite of oil being over $100 per barrel for many years, vast areas of our country under insurgents’ country, salaries, wages, pensions unpaid for months in many states. Problems were left unattended or ignored. Infrastructure left to decay. Internationally, we were despised. Our APC government has changed all that. Our response to any new challenges, whether banditry, kidnapping, insurgency has been prompt and head-on,” he said.


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