Osinbajo Promising To Build On Buhari Regime’s ‘Successes’ Of Terrorism, Economic Disaster, Others, An Insult To Nigerians— Sowore

Human rights activist, Omoyele Sowore has taken a swipe at the Vice-President of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo after the latter officially declared his interest to run for President.

Osinbajo on Monday officially declared his interest to contest the 2023 presidential election.

“I am today, with utmost humility formally declaring my intention to run for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the platform of APC,” he said in a post on his official Twitter.

“At the direction of Mr. President, I have represented our country in several international engagements. I have been in markets, factories, schools, and farms. I have visited our gallant troops in the North-East and our brothers and sisters in the IDP camps.”

In a video posted on his official Twitter handle, Osinbajo added, “If by the grace of God and the will of the people, I’m given the opportunity, I believe that first we must complete what we have started, radically transforming our security and intelligence architecture, completing the reform of our justice system, focusing on adequate remuneration and welfare of judicial personnel and ensuring justice for all and the observance of the rule of law…”

This has generated reactions from different parts of the country.

In his remark, Sowore described Osinbajo’s declaration as an insult to Nigeria, particularly as the latter mentioned he was going to build on the success of the Buhari’s regime which Sowore described as insecurity, and terrorism, lawlessness among other negative things.

He wrote on Twitter, “@ProfOsinbajo VP Yemi Osinbajo declaration is the most nauseating set of lies ever packaged! He even said he plans to build on the success of the @mBuhari regime. What an insult? Buhari’s successes are insecurity, terrorism, lawlessness, economic disaster. #WeCantContinueLikeThis.”


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