Chlöe x Halle on Their Grammy Looks, New Music, and Becoming a First-Time Mom and Auntie

Chlöe and Halle Bailey are letting their sisterhood shine. For last night’s Grammys, where Halle was nominated as a solo artist for the first time (for her single “Angel” in the Best R&B Song category), the pair dripped in Pandora diamonds. As the brand’s newest global ambassadors, it was all about the sparkle for the ceremony at Arena in L.A.

Before the ceremony, Halle walked the carpet with her boyfriend DDG in a custom Gucci by Sabato De Sarno gown that was full-on sheer glimmer. Her jewels were custom, too, and she rocked a Pandora necklace and earrings in collaboration with Grete Henriette. Chlöe, who walked separately, opted for a one-shoulder Gaurav Gupta gown, covered in gold beading. For her jewelry, she wore her own mix of Pandora hoops and charms and paired them with solid yellow gold rings and bracelets from the Pandora Lab Grown Diamonds Infinite Collection.

Though Halle was celebrating her first solo nomination, the sister duo are no strangers to music’s biggest night. Since the release of their debut studio album in 2018, they’ve been nominated five times over the years (including in 2019 for Best New Artist). Now, the two are exploring different lanes. Halle just recently became a mother to her son Halo and has made a big splash in Hollywood as the star of The Little Mermaid and as young Nettie The Color Purple. And Chlöe, fresh off the release of debut album, last year’s In Pieces, is gearing up to play Coachella as a soloist for the first time. Suffice it to say, the two are booked and busy.

chloe x halle grammys 2024

Kobe Wagstaff

Below, caught up with Chlöe x Halle ahead of Grammy weekend to discuss their red carpet looks, plans for upcoming music, and what they’re most looking forward to this year.

You both became global brand ambassadors for Pandora last month. Can you tell me a bit about this new venture and the decision to come together for your Grammy looks?

Chlöe: Sis and I are so excited to be these new faces of Pandora together and show what love means to us through jewelry and art. And of course, we also love to express love through music, and with music’s biggest night being the Grammys, it only made sense for us to rock Pandora on the carpet together. And I am just super duper proud of Halle and everything she’s accomplished in her nomination this year.

Halle: I’ll just piggyback off of Chlöe. We are so grateful when we get to embrace things that we love together like Pandora and it’s gonna be so nice to be dripped in glitz and glam on Grammy night and be there together, representing our sisterhood and unity. It’s really special to us.

chloe x halle grammys 2024

Kobe Wagstaff

halle bailey

Kobe Wagstaff

What vibe were each of you going for with your outfits?

Halle: I’m going for sparkle glam. I wanted to do something more form-fitting because it’s been a minute since I have. I just feel like I’m stepping into my new venture of womanhood and a new phase in my life. I’m excited just to embrace my femininity and, and feel like a woman. I’m excited to wear this dress that Gucci made for me. It’s really beautiful and I feel confident and I’m really happy to pair it with the Pandora jewelry.

Chlöe: For this year, I wanted to do simple, seek, and neutral, and let the Pandora jewelry speak and do the talking. I’m excited to let my inner glow and the jewelry do the speaking for me this year.

chloe x halle grammys 2024

Kobe Wagstaff

You’ve been nominated five times as a duo, but Halle this is your first Grammy nomination as a solo artist. How does it feel to be recognized in this way?

Halle: I’m nervous, but I’m excited. I’m grateful to be nominated just as my sister and I were grateful that we were nominated. We just go into it thinking that we’re just grateful to be in the same room as all these people who inspire us.

chloe x halle grammys 2024

Kobe Wagstaff

Do you have any plans to release new music this year? Either solo or as a duo?

Halle: Yeah, Chlöe and I are working on new stuff together, which I’m really excited for. The future is unknown, but let’s see what happens.

Chlöe, you’re on the lineup for Coachella this year. Can you share anything about your performance?

Chlöe: I’m excited. Performing is my favorite thing to do and I’ll be performing my whole heart out. So I can’t wait. It’ll be the first time I perform at Coachella solo.

Halle: Chlöe’s gonna murder it. She’s gonna kill it.

Halle, congratulations on becoming a mom! How are you adjusting to motherhood so far?

Halle: It’s been wonderful. I love my baby so much. I just feel like this is what I was meant to do.

Chlöe: I love being an auntie. He is just the biggest blessing and I’m so proud of Halle and how she’s been an incredible mom doubling both motherhood and her career. I’m really happy that I can hold him all the time.

halle bailey grammys 2024

Kobe Wagstaff

chloe bailey grammys 2024

Kobe Wagstaff

What are you both most looking forward to in the year ahead?

Halle: I think just experiencing this new journey of mine, of life, of music, of everything else. I’m grateful to be living in the moment. I just have a new perspective on life right now, honestly. So every single thing is just so beautiful to me and I’m just taking everything all in because we’re just so blessed to be able to be here living, breathing, and getting to do what we love every single day. So I’m going into the next few months with a clear head and with excitement for the future.

Chlöe: My goal is to be happy and at peace this year and let that guide me through life. I’ve been learning so much and finding happiness within things that I never thought I could find it in. That takes precedence over anything.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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