Jacob Elordi under police investigation for allegedly assaulting a radio producer in Australia

Jacob Elordi is under police investigation after allegedly assaulting a radio producer in Australia on Saturday.

The “Saltburn” star was at the Clovelly Hotel in the Sydney suburbs when he was approached by Joshua Fox, a producer for “The Kyle & Jackie O Show,” according to Australia’s Daily Telegraph. Fox recounted the incident on the radio show Monday, saying he asked Elordi for some of his bathwater to give to host Jackie O. The joke is a reference to a scene in “Saltburn” in which Barry Keoghan’s character is ecstatic to partake in the leftover bathwater from Elordi’s character. 

Fox said he stopped filming their interaction and agreed to delete the footage at Elordi’s request. However, he had a change of heart after the situation grew violent.

“I’m backed against this wall. He’s right in my face, and his two boys are now on either side of me,” Fox said on the show. “It’s like a switch went off, and he’s becoming quite aggressive, and I’m feeling intimidated.”

He continued, “The way they’re surrounding me, I’m thinking something’s going to happen here. Someone’s going to jump me or something. So I say no, I’m not deleting that. I refuse to because I feel uncomfortable right now, and this is the only evidence. And then Jacob kind of just flips, and he kind of pushes me against the wall, and his hands are on my throat.”

In a statement to Variety, the New South Wales Police said they are investigating the matter. Police said they were notified of the incident at about 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. Fox did not sustain any injuries.


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