Please Let Ryan Gosling Usher in the Era of the Male Spray Tan

Unless you’ve been vacationing at Barbie’s Dream Digital Detox resort, you’ve likely seen experienced the pictures of Ryan Gosling on the set of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie. The already Ken-like Gosling dolled himself up for this role with a platinum blonde dye job, but the look wouldn’t have been complete without a (somehow) less reported-on adjustment: a spray tan.


Self-Tanning Water

Isle of Paradise


Responsible for Gosling’s newly glowing visage is the film’s tanning specialist Kimberly Nkosi—any movie maintaining a tanning specialist is Oscar-worthy in my book—who shared just how the tan was created alongside the inspiration. “For me applying sunless tanner isn’t about spraying something on and hoping for the best,” she wrote on Instagram. “It’s about a feeling more than a look. Plus when you work on a set there are so many things to take into consideration the camera picks up every little detail and can completely change the appearance of the tan, especially under lights. Being mindful of this and being consistent is key to achieving a flawless tan each and every time.” Nkosi used Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning water in shades of Medium and Dark to create a balance for Gosling, but Nkosi also shared that it’s more about a “Barbie glow.”

The Gos Glow is part of an auspicious trend for a particular segment of the population I’m inventively calling: People Who Like Handsome Men. Finally, guys seem to be coming around to the idea that there’s nothing wrong with a little help in the tanning department. Like, self-tanning has even the most famous women going gaga. During an appearance on The Talk, Gosling’s wife Eva Mendes said she begged Gosling for his Ken-branded underwear and was wearing those same briefs on the set of the show. Her infatuation was so deep, Jezebel posited, “Eva Mendes Might Be a Little Too Supportive of Ryan Gosling’s Ken Doll Transformation.”

The spray tan is working wonders for other men, too. Pete Davidson, who glowed all the way up this year to Kim-Kardashian-boy-toy status, opted to get one before appearances at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and Met Gala. What gave away his new spray tan? The fact that so many people suddenly found him quite hot. These scientific results lead to one indisputable conclusion: we need more guys getting spray tans.

new york, new york may 02 pete davidson attends the 2022 met gala celebrating in america an anthology of fashion at the metropolitan museum of art on may 02, 2022 in new york city photo by dimitrios kambourisgetty images for the met museumvogue

Pete Davidson at the 2022 Met Gala.

Dimitrios Kambouris

Spray tans that were once reserved for men of the Jersey Shore and Love Island are becoming more mainstream. And why not? Spray tanning is a healthier alternative to sun tanning; it’s quick, and most importantly, improves confidence and emotion. Don’t we all deserve our own Barbie glow-up?

los angeles ca june 27 margot robbie and ryan gosling film new scenes for barbie in venice california 27 jun 2022 photo by megagc images

One more shot of a spray-tanned Ryan Gosling on the set of Barbie (with co-star Margot Robbie), just for fun.


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