Calling All Ganni Girls: The Cool-Girl Brand Has Made Its First Foray Into Beauty

Everybody knows (and loves) a Ganni girl. The Danish brand has amassed an international cult following for its effortlessly cool pieces—from printed babydoll wrap dresses to quilted jackets made of recycled fabric and Scandi-cool lug sole boots—and the even cooler people (Margot Robbie, Dakota Johnson, Bella Hadid) who wear them. And as of today, we can officially add glitter to the #GanniGirl-approved list.

For its first-ever venture into your makeup bag, Ganni has collaborated with Submission Beauty on a glitter capsule collection inspired by the label’s iconic printed fabrics.

“I love that glitter is no longer strictly a party look,” says designer Ditte Reffstrup, who co-founded the brand with her husband, Nicolaj, in 2009. “There are no rules; it’s just all about having fun with it and feeling like your most confident self.”

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Ganni focuses on using recycled fabrics and dampening its carbon footprint whenever possible, and these beauty products are no different: the three shades of glitter—straightforwardly named Holographic, Iridescent Pink, and Mixed Glitter—are made from natural and derived materials, are biodegradable, and come in packaging made of easily recyclable ingredients (like glass, aluminum, and paper).

Ganni x Submission Beauty Mixed Glitter

Mixed Glitter

Ganni x Submission Beauty Mixed Glitter

“This collaboration turns wasteful, toxic traditional glitter on its head,” Submission Beauty founder Zenia Jaeger tells “It’s a plant-based, biodegradable alternative to microplastic glitter with all the flash and fun of the original, and none of the harm to the human body and our ecosystem.”

A word from the wise: the glitters come loose in the pot (so exercise caution when you open the packaging, no matter how excited you are to check out the product). This also means you’ll need something to help affix the sparkle to your face—if clear DuoGlue feels a little bit too stuffy, try a glowy balm like Tower 28 SuperDew Highlight Balm then gently press the glitter on top for a much more spontaneous look.

“These products are full of fun and shine, but with an inherently responsible core,” adds Reffstrup.

And that’s how a Ganni Girl does glitter.


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