Victoria Beckham Writes Loving Tribute to David Beckham For 23rd Wedding Anniversary

This Monday was the 23rd anniversary of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham’s wedding day, and the Posh fashion icon used Instagram to share a loving tribute to her husband. She shared a picture of them together from this past April at David’s father’s wedding in which they’re laughing joyfully together. And in the caption, she called out the haters.

“They say he isn’t funny, they say I never smile, they said it wouldn’t last. Today we celebrate 23 years being married,” she wrote. “David you are my everything, I love you so much!!!!”

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In his Instagram Stories, David shared a few throwback pictures of himself and his wife. In the first one, he and Victoria are looking adorably young and she has her arm over his shoulder. Behind them is the soccer field.

“23 years today,” he wrote over the image with a heart emoji.

david and victoria

David BeckhamInstagram

In the second picture, they’re standing in front of castle ruins and dressed in matching bright purple ensembles. They’re both giving their best model face to the photographer.

“I mean come on…purple and so serious,” he joked.

david victoria

David BeckhamInstagram

He also shared an old clip of the couple in a 2001 Comic Relief sketch being interviewed by Sacha Baron Cohen’s comic character Ali G. Ali G asks how they met and Victoria said they met “at the football.”

Ali G wanted to know if David was into the Spice Girls, and he answered, “No, but I was into Posh.”

In a recent interview with Vogue Australia, Victoria talked about their long lasting relationship, saying, “We are still very close. We love each other. He’s my everything. And after all these years, we’re still up at the crack of dawn planting Easter eggs for the kids who are now actually adults, other than Harper, because that’s the kind of parents we have always been.”

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