Elections Can’t Fix What’s Wrong With Nigeria By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Nigeria is on life support. The diagnoses and prognosis are scary and hopeless. Nigerians are living in a country that mirrors in all instances, the conditions in hell. But the selfish, inordinate, and obdurate politicians are hell-bent on conducting the 2023 presidential elections.

The problems confronting Nigeria are more than what the presidential election or any of the presidential candidates can fix. The problems of language, religion, and ethnicity cannot be resolved by conducting elections. The differences in our values, morals, expectations, institutions, patterns of beliefs and behaviours that represent our different histories, cultures, traditions, aspirations, and world views cannot be cemented together by elections.

Elections cannot resolve conflicts between the Arab-Muslim North and indigenous Southern Christians. Past elections didn’t guarantee our unity, peace, progress, prosperity, stability, safety and security. Past elections didn’t end Boko Haram terrorists and Fulani terrorists. Why are we so intoxicated to believe that the 2023 elections would achieve what past elections failed to do? Why do we put our fate and faith in the 2023 elections that they will stop the northern agenda from Fulanizing and Islamizing Nigeria? PVC failed us in 2015 and 2019. Why do we expect a different result in 2023?

Yorubas have nothing in common with Hausa/Fulani and Igbos. We don’t speak the same language. Our culture and traditions are different. We don’t share the same ethnicity. We don’t share the same deity. Yoruba identity is deeply and proudly rooted in our ancient ancestries. So, how can we be called Nigerians? How can we call Nigeria one country? We are not one country. We are of different nationalities. Yorubas are not Nigerians. We are Yorubas of Yoruba Nation. Can elections erase or deny these obvious facts? Absolutely impossible!

Political speeches, promises, and posturing by the candidates cannot melt away our differences. Elections in Nigeria are based on politics of illusion and delusion, corruption and compulsion, looting and largesse, bribery and bandits. Elections cannot save or salvage Nigeria. It will further exacerbate the problems. It is evident Nigeria will forever remain a divided country on ethnic and religious lines. It will remain permanently a hostile, separate, unequal country. Elections are only timid attempts to solve our intractable ancient problems. Elections are NOT the solution. Separation is the ONLY feasible and viable alternative.


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