Pamela Anderson Is Now the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Sonsie

In the documentary Pamela, a Love Story, which debuted on Netflix nearly a year ago, Pamela Anderson appeared on camera sans her signature smokey eye, penciled-in brows, bronzed skin, and lined lips that every woman coveted in the 90s.

Her stripped-down, fresh face went on to appear on multiple ad campaigns— including for The Laundress and Proenza Schouler—and red carpets without a stitch of concealer or foundation in sight. Plus, who can forget how she glowed barefaced at Paris Fashion Week last October?

So, it makes sense that the 56-year-old Baywatch star is returning to the basics and focusing on supporting her skin the best she can. Her skin-first approach isn’t a phase but a movement she’s ready to put her name and money behind. For her latest trick, Anderson is finally entering the skincare space as co-founder of Sonsie, a skin care brand she recently acquired and initially discovered through her son, Dylan Jagger Lee, and his girlfriend, Paula Bruss. Anderson’s entry into the beauty biz is a fitting progression for the 90s bombshell actress, but she hadn’t found the right match until she was introduced to the cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainability-focused Sonsie.

pamela anderson sonsie cofounder

Image courtesy of Sonsie

“I mean, people have been asking me to do skin care and beauty products, since, you know, Baywatch days, but I just was looking at it going, ‘Well, is it sustainable? Is it cruelty-free?’ And people used to think I was crazy back then,” she told WWD. “I’m glad I kind of held out this long and really found the right connection.”

The brand already has three products in its lineup: the Multi Moisture Mask ($48), Super Serum ($64), and Basic Balm ($22), but will soon launch new formulas the actress had a hand in developing over the past few months.

While we’re waiting for those to launch, shop below to get a taste of what Sonsie offers.

Shop the Best of Sonsie

Multi Moisture Mask

Sonsie Multi Moisture Mask
Credit: Sonsie

Super Serum

Sonsie Super Serum

Basic Balm

Basic Balm
Credit: Sonsie

Sonsie Bundle

Sonsie Bundle
Credit: Sonsie
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