Mighty Patches are Less Than $10 on Amazon Right Now

Pimples, they’re never convenient and somehow always manage to show up at the worst possible time. Seriously, it’s like they have a sixth sense for when you’re desperate for clear skin. If you find yourself having a breakout, it’s time to add Mighty Patches to your emergency skincare kit. Right now is a wise time to replenish or take the plunge in trying out a patch as a few of the brand’s best sellers are on sale as part Amazon’s Prime Early Access Deals. This acne spot treatment is rarely on sale, so it’s a pimple patch deal you don’t want to miss.

Mighty Patch Variety Pack

Variety Pack

Mighty Patch Variety Pack

Now 30% Off

At 30 percent off, you might even want to think about stocking up on extras for your overnight bag or purse because you never can plan when or where you’ll have a breakout. Mighty Patches practically blend in with your skin, especially their Invisible+ patch, so it’s easy to apply one while you’re out and about.

If you’ve never tried the brand before, the Mighty Patch Variety Pack makes for a smart foray and includes 26 patches to meet most pimple needs. Whether you’re keen on minimizing a single zit that popped up out of nowhere the night before a hot date, or you want to treat a surface (such as your forehead or back), this set should have you covered. Contents include 12 original spot patches, 12 invisible patches, and 2 surface patches so you’re ready for whatever pops up.

As if de-gunking your pimple wasn’t enough to warrant praise, the patch creates a coverage barrier which helps keep the area clean and protected if you’re someone who often touches their face. Picking prevention is one of the reasons we named Mighty Patches one of the best skincare products you can buy on Amazon. Don’t worry about rubbing these off in the night because, just as the name implies, they are literally mighty and meant to stay on for at least six to eight hours to soak in all that hydrocolloid goodness for optimal results.

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Mighty Patches are not just for pimple spots. Check out the full collection of Mighty Patches to treat other skin annoyances such dark spots, discoloration, and larger breakout areas.

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