The 5 Best Hair Growth Devices That Can Reverse Genetic Hair Loss

While this device doesn’t claim to help regrow hair overnight, it does promise results quicker than others on the market. Using laser technology, this helmet improves hair density, volume, and stimulates hair growth in as little as one month. Plus, while most devices recommend daily treatments, the Theradome recommends 20-minute sessions twice weekly. “I also like the Theradome PRO LH80. It is easy to use and makes for a painless at-home treatment,” says Dr. Lal.

Amazon rating: 4.1/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says: “This product saved my long, pretty hair. I’d lost so much hair from the stress of learning I had a brain tumor and then from general anesthesia from the necessary cranial surgery. Ultimately, I had bald patches on the sides of my hair and thinning around the incision and top of my head. For over a year nothing helped and my hair loss worsened. BUT! Within 3 months of using Theradome, I saw baby hairs return. After a year of use my hair is back to 80% with new hair coming in daily. I will never be without my Theradome!


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