Questions To Ask Those Who Want To Be President Of Nigeria In 2023 By Ndidi Uwechue

They are gathering, and amassing themselves, all those who say that they, “will make the lives of Nigerians better!”, therefore they want to become the next President. The question is, HOW will they do so? 
Another week has passed where yet more Nigerians have fled abroad, mostly to Europe or Canada, to escape the entity called Nigeria and the deep revulsion and hatred they feel for it. How will those who put themselves up to become President reverse the trend of this mass exodus? How will they make Nigeria acceptable and liveable for its peoples? Nigerians, let us ask questions! There are several reasons for asking questions, and in this case, the main reasons would be: To acquire information and gain knowledge, to eliminate confusion, to encourage critical thinking and to learn about the presidential hopeful’s character.

There are five questions that are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to ask each presidential applicant: 
By which Constitution will they govern?
Nigeria is a multi-national country because it is made up of many Ethnic Nations, and therefore there needs to be a Union Agreement, that is, a Constitution that brings all the Ethnic Nations together. A simple definition for a Constitution is that it “provides the basis for governance in a country, which is essential to making sure that everyone’s interests and needs are addressed. It determines how laws are made, and details the process by which the government rules.”
The 1999 Constitution that Nigeria operates is a fraud and a known forgery. It falsely claims that Nigerians wrote it, and agreed its contents.
Any presidential applicant must therefore tell Nigerians by which Constitution they will govern. And if it is by the illegitimate 1999 Constitution – why?
By what document will they swear an Oath of Office should they win elections?
Since civilian rule and to date, winners of elections and senior office holders have sworn an Oath of Office or Oath of Allegiance to uphold, defend and govern by the sham 1999 Constitution. The details of the Oath they must take can be found in the Seventh Schedule to that “Constitution”. Generally, the Oath contains: “I will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria… So help me God.”
It is in swearing the Oath of Office that the life of the illegitimate 1999 Constitution gets renewed for four more years. 
Any presidential applicant must therefore tell Nigerians by which Document they would swear their Oath. And if it is the sham 1999 Constitution they would also need to explain why they have decided to push for Elections 2023 to renew its life, seeing that it has been increasingly Repudiated countrywide.
How would they return Nigeria to being a Federation?
Nigerians are fleeing their homeland in huge numbers, at times becoming a burden on host countries, which is seen in the resultant actions towards Nigerians abroad, that we may call “racist”. Therefore, it is essential to use questions to separate the liars from the true, among all those who say that they can improve the lives of Nigerians.
These past fifty-six years of having a Unitary system have been disastrous for the country. If there is to be the hope of any Union called “Nigeria” existing, it would at the very minimum be as a Federation. A Federation is a Union of Constitutions, where each federating unit would have its own Constitution, plus there would be a Federating Constitution, the Union Agreement, that creates and regulates the Union. 
Any presidential applicant must therefore tell Nigerians how exactly they would create a Federation. And, they must also show what work they have already done to bring about that Federation.  
NOTE: Even though the compromised mainstream news and media do not report it, there is a growing Ethnic Nationalism, especially in the Middle Belt and South, where indigenous Ethnic Nations want to exit Nigeria. And they can – since the 1999 Constitution that creates the Union is a false instrument. In order not to increase the high levels of anarchy and lawlessness already present (viz rampant corruption and impunity among the political class and elite, plus terrorism), the non-violent NINAS Movement has already placed its propositions on how to go about federating, on the Table. It is via the ORDERLY PROCESS of Constitutional Force Majeure proclaimed on 16th December 2020, and it follows United Nations and International Law procedures. 
Briefly, the NINAS Movement method is that since the 1999 Constitution is a forgery and thus illegitimate, and has been Repudiated, its life cannot be renewed by taking it to Elections 2023. Logical necessity means that there would be a time-bound Transitional Government where current elected political office holders would remain in place. Federating would follow a TWO-STAGE Process:
Stage 1: Just as was done before Independence, Ethnic Nations in formations (Blocs) of their choice would FIRST make their Regional Constitutions.
Stage 2: Regional Referendums for Ethnic Nations to vote to either re-commit to the Union of Nigeria, or to go for something else. If they vote to re-commit to the Union, there would be negotiations on how that Union would be, then a Federating Constitution made.
If they say they will give Nigerians a “New Constitution”, how would they do so?
It is the responsibility of adult Nigerians to read up and learn how a NEW Constitution should be made. What is certain is that the National Assembly lacks the powers to make any new Constitution, and Deputy President of the Senate Ovie Omo-Agege already told Nigerians that in December 2020.
What is also clear is that since the 1999 Constitution is a forgery, no amount of “amendments” would ever be able to make it become a legitimate Constitution. It would be like hoping that “amending” counterfeit money could turn it into real money.
Any presidential applicant must therefore tell Nigerians how exactly they would create a “new Constitution”.
How would they stop armed Fulani slaughtering indigenous peoples for land grab?
Several national and international sources have stated what the surviving victims of Fulani extremism have been saying, which is that they are being killed so that their lands can be grabbed. In the interest of space only the conclusion of one expert will be reported here: 
“So the message now is: Oh! it’s the herdsmen, you know they’re just poor herdsmen trying to get green space for their cows. The reality is that they’re Fulani tribesmen they’re trying to re-establish the Fulani Caliphate…” – Robert Destro, former US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, 28/10/2021 Briefing to US Congress. 
It is the 1999 Constitution that facilitates this genocide for land grab by preventing State governments from arming their citizens against armed invaders. 
Any presidential applicant must therefore tell Nigerians how exactly they would stop this slaughter.
The vultures are gathering! The purpose of general elections in Nigeria is really to renew the life of the 1999 Constitution that the people never made. Those who created that forgery, plus those who swear an Oath of Office to uphold it – both groups rely on the docility of Nigerians who tend to take the “sidon look” (sit inactive and watch) approach. Nigeria has become a deadly Union, that is fast decaying, and destroying hope. Nigerians should dig deeper by asking these five essential questions. Take responsibility – ask questions!
Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.


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