“Back to the real world”: Court set to toss Giuliani bankruptcy

Former Trump advisor and New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, is facing yet another financial and legal hurdle as a New York bankruptcy judge appears ready to toss out his 2021 bankruptcy, potentially allowing for a full liquidation.

“I’m leaning toward dismissal, frankly, because I am concerned that the past is prologue,” U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane said, per Politico. “The difficulties that we’ve encountered in this case in terms of transparency will continue and dog the case.”

Giuliani’s bankruptcy, stemming from several costly settlements, still left the former NYC mayor with over $40,000 in monthly spending cash, a figure which he reportedly blew past since the December 2021 filing. 

Giuliani has lost a number of gigs recently, including a spot on a conservative radio show and his license to practice law in New York, due to his promotion of election misinformation and illegal schemes to overturn the 2020 election.

If tossed, Giuliani would have to liquidate his assets to pay the staggering sums he owes to two Georgia election workers who he repeatedly defamed, leading to violent threats against the pair, among numerous other debtors.

“He regards this court as a pause button on his woes while he continues to live his life unbothered by creditors,” an attorney for the Georgia election workers said in court. “If the case is dismissed, creditors will be able to hold America’s mayor accountable for the harms he’s caused. It’s time for Mr. Giuliani to go back to the real world.”

The financial issues add to his mounting legal troubles, as he doubles down on election denialism amidst an Arizona prosecution of his false elector role.

Judge Lane reportedly plans to have a ruling in by Friday.


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