Travis Kelce Got His Coach’s Approval to Date Taylor Swift—and His Dad Called Them a ‘Wonderful Couple’

Both Travis Kelce and his father Ed Kelce had a little more to say about Travis’ new, flourishing relationship with Taylor Swift yesterday. Travis spoke on his podcast New Heights about how much support he has gotten since he started dating Swift, including from the Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

His brother Jason Kelce had pointed out Travis’ improved game performance since Swift started attending his NFL games, as well as with Travis’ coach Reid commenting that Swift “can stay around all she wants.” CBS Sports pointed out that Travis has gained an extra 52.5 yards per game with Swift in the crowd.

“Listen, when you’re getting Big Red’s approval and blessings, you know you’re doing something right,” Travis responded.

The brothers’ father Ed Kelce spoke to Entertainment Tonight about his thoughts on Swift and Travis too.

“I just think it’s great,” Ed began. “They’re two wonderful people, and they are enjoying each other’s company and supporting each other.”

He described Swift as being very normal despite her longtime A-list fame. “She’s very down to earth, very genuine,” Ed said. “She doesn’t put on airs or anything like that….The ‘girl next door’ is an overused term, but she really is.”

“I mean, she’s been, you know, performing for huge crowds for over half her life,” he continued. “And for someone to be so grounded, and so normal—I mean, I hate to use that word. But other people aren’t.”

He also praised Travis and Swift’s respect and support of each other’s careers, while acknowledging how difficult it is for either of them to date right now amid their busy work schedules.

“I think they are two very, very driven professional individuals,” he said. “I think they’re very supportive of each other, which is key. This is a rough time for either one of them to have a relationship. She’s in the middle of this ginormous tour, he’s knee deep [in the NFL season]. At least he takes his just as serious as she takes hers as far as commitment to their craft.”

“I think she’s very committed to that [her pre-tour ritual of preserving her voice],” Ed continued. “And I think Travis supports that. And I think she realizes how committed Travis is to sleep, 10 hours a day, when your body is going through this kind of thing. So I think they’re both very supportive.”

Overall, “I think they’re a wonderful couple,” Ed said. “I think they deserve a great friendship with each other, and if it ever goes to more than that.”

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