Scarlett Johansson Shares Her Cannes Skincare Routine

Scarlett Johansson hasn’t been to Cannes since she was 20 years old. But looking at her skin, you wouldn’t even believe 18 years have passed. She walked the red carpet for the world premiere of her new Wes Anderson movie Asteroid City. In a very meta role that Anderson wrote specifically for Johansson, the two-time Oscar nominee plays an actress playing an actress.

In real life, Johansson is stepping foot into entrepreneurship. In 2021, after five years of research, the woman who was once the face of L’oreal Paris, co-created The Outset, a vegan, allergy-free beauty line with entrepreneur and former fashion and beauty executive, Kate Foster. Unlike many celebrity beauty brands that choose eponymous labels, Johansson focused on creating a brand featuring clean, simple, affordable products that hold their own without her famous name. The products are super hydrating and contain a plant-based alternative to hyaluronic acid that Johansson and Foster have dubbed Hyaluroset.

Shop Scarlett Johannson’s Skincare Routine

Gentle Micellar Antioxidant Cleanser

The Outset Gentle Micellar Antioxidant Cleanser

Firming Vegan Collagen Prep Serum

The Outset Firming Vegan Collagen Prep Serum

Ultralight Moisture-Boosting Oil

Ultralight Moisture-Boosting Oil

Smoothing Vitamin C Eye + Expression Lines Cream

The Outset Smoothing Vitamin C Eye + Expression Lines Cream

As the Firming & Plumping Vegan Collagen Serum is applied to prep her skin for the big evening, Johansson states in a video for, “I love this serum because it’s so moisturizing. It doesn’t pill under makeup and it doesn’t have that tackiness that some products with hyaluronic acid do because it has the vegan alternative to hyaluronic acid.” Johansson’s longtime makeup artist, Frankie Boyd excitedly interjects, “It’s super plumping. Gives you that zhuz you want on the skin. Makes it look super plumped and hydrated.”

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Shop Scarlett Johannson’s Cannes Red Carpet Beauty Look

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation

Skin Fetish: Divine Powder Blush

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish: Divine Powder Blush

MatteTrance™ Lipstick

PAT McGRATH LABS MatteTrance™ Lipstick

As for her makeup, Johannson is a Pat McGrath Labs kind of girl, choosing the foundation for her base face. Good makeup often starts with a great canvas. Boyd shares, “Scarlett takes very good care of her skin so I wanted her to feel as fresh as possible just enhancing her natural radiance with maximum hydration and using minimal coverage on the skin. Keeping in the surreal world of her Prada campaign I added a bold Red-Orange lip to contrast the pink dress with a playful spirit. The eyes are left clean and glossy with a soft spikey lash to pull and accentuate her natural eye shape.”

Johansson is no stranger to the spotlight and we were curious about her camera-ready appeal. The native New Yorker gave exclusive access to how she prepped, primed, and glammed her face for this momentous occasion. Keep scrolling for all the details! _______________________________________________________________________________

scarlett johannson the outset

Nico Therin

Starting the day off with a simple but effective skincare routine. Today’s a really exciting day – I haven’t done a red carpet in a while. It’s going to be a long day, so hydration is key.

scarlett johannson and frankie boyd the outset

Nico Therin

I’ve been working with my makeup artist Frankie Boyd forever. He knows that I prioritize my skin and he just knows how to make it shine through any makeup.

the outset product shots at cannes 2023

Nico Therin

Whether I’m on the red carpet or not, my daily skincare routine starts with these two products. Consistency is key to healthy, hydrated skin.

scarlett johannson at cannes 2023

Nico Therin

In my opinion, natural light is the best light for applying makeup. It really helps with highlighting the natural contours of my face.

scarlett johannson at cannes 2023

Nico Therin

Taking a moment to just soak it all in. This is only my second time at the festival – the last time I was 20 – and I’m so excited to be back.

scarlett johannson at cannes 2023

Nico Therin

Frankie always says the secret to a perfect matte lip is applying a layer of the Ultralight Boosting Oil as a primer. The oil absorbs so fast and gives lasting hydration without the slip or shine of a balm.

scarlett johannson the outset at cannes 2023

Nico Therin

Frankie always makes sure my skin looks super hydrated before I head out the door so he adds moisturizer applied with a brush on top of any parts that need a little boost. The brush gives more precision when applying moisturizer to the body to get around straps and embellishments on gowns!

scarlett johannson at cannes 2023

Nico Therin

Taking a deep breath and a last look before heading out the door!

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