Here’s Ben Affleck Gushing About Jennifer Lopez, ‘The Greatest Performer in the History of the World‘

Ben Affleck didn’t hold back his effusive praise for Jennifer Lopez and the songs she wrote about him in a new interview he gave on the SmartLess podcast on Monday. Like a truly smitten husband and song subject, Affleck detailed just what he thinks of seeing her talent in their day-to-day life. “Here’s this incredible actress and this incredible performer,” he started, via Billboard. “And then we’re sitting in the car, you know, and I’m humming along, like I will, you know, to the radio. And then a professional singer goes ahead and sings along and you kind of feel like, ‘Well that’s embarrassing.’”

“I do love her music, it’s brilliant and I know all of it,”he said. He also noted that he is aware her tracks “Dear Ben” (from 2002’s This Is Me…Then) and “Dear Ben Pt. II” (from the upcoming This Is Me…Now) are about him. “The songs that have been written about me have been written by the greatest performer in the history of the world, Jennifer Lopez,” he said plainly. “I don’t know if they are exactly about me, as maybe inspired by me because there are some negative things in there. She’s amazing.”

Lopez herself spoke about her and Affleck’s love story in November during an Apple Music 1 interview. They’re in it now for the rest of their lives, she said of their rekindled romance, adding it really felt fated. “When we came back together and the universe and God and, as it would have it… Once we got whole enough and complete enough and loved ourselves enough and could stand on our own two feet really completely, as the universe would have it, we were brought into each other’s lives again,” she said. “And it was a crack in the clouds and that song came through and it was like, ‘Boom, that’s it.’ And we were both very sure.”

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