Succession May Be Ending, But Shiv Roy Is My Forever Fashion Icon

The Roy family of HBO’s hit show Succession is filthy rich, extremely facetious, and, lucky for us, back for a fourth season. The series centers on Manhattan media tycoon Logan Roy, founder of entertainment conglomerate Waystar Royco, and his four children, who are all vying for a piece of their father’s Murdoch-esque empire. Queen of the sibling-clan is the enigmatic Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook), sole daughter among them.

Shiv stands out for many other reasons, like the fact that she infamously denounced monogamy on her wedding night. She’s also got the best style on the show. Unlike her brothers in their Trumpian business uniforms (though on occasion Kendall slips on a Lanvin sneaker or a Loro Piana hat), Shiv has money and a sense of sartorial self. In early episodes, she plots her takeover of Waystar Royco wearing a ’70s-inspired wardrobe in warm palettes: cream-colored blouses, brown high-waisted slacks, and dark leather handbags. She pairs her outfits with simple gold chains, amber paisley-printed scarves, aviator sunglasses, and tiny handbags.

As her father starts to acknowledge Shiv as a viable candidate to take over the family business, we see her chameleonic shift into a New York City media power player decked out in sharp black blazers, pumps, and tiny top-handle purses. She would never—never—be caught carrying a ludicrously capacious bag. By season 4, Shiv has morphed into a fully-formed anti-girlboss girlboss who, on occasion, finds herself flying a little too close to the sun. In episode 1, she is already hard at work gatekeeping and gaslighting those closest to her while wearing what looks like a brown Skims bodysuit designed by fellow girlboss Kim Kardashian.

Succession may be coming to end, but Shiv’s quiet luxury style is everything I’m looking to embody now and forever. Here’s how to dress like TV’s most underrated fashion icon.

Incognito Apple Picker: Season 1

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Westley Cardigan

Pendleton Westley Cardigan

Baseball Cap

Ermenegildo Zegna Baseball Cap

Silk Straight-Leg Pants

Joseph Silk Straight-Leg Pants

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Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli

Holiday Party Potentate: Season 2

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Dolcevita Piuma

Loro Piana Dolcevita Piuma

Nicole pleated wool-twill tapered pants

STELLA MCCARTNEY Nicole pleated wool-twill tapered pants

18-karat gold diamond bracelet

IRENE NEUWIRTH 18-karat gold diamond bracelet

Solid Gold Small Rounded Hoop Earrings

Lily and Roo Solid Gold Small Rounded Hoop Earrings

Monochrome Media Magnate: Season 3

shiv roy of succession wearing a cream colored suit


Gold Large Single Pearl Necklace

Lily & Roo Gold Large Single Pearl Necklace

Enchanted Top Handle Bag

Parisa Wang Enchanted Top Handle Bag

Wool Tricotine Boyfriend Blazer

AKRIS PUNTO Wool Tricotine Boyfriend Blazer

Now 60% Off

Farell Double Cuff Wool Tricotine Pants

AKRIS PUNTO Farell Double Cuff Wool Tricotine Pants

Gaslighting Girlboss: Season 4

shiv roy


Bea Crepe Blazer

Frankie Shop Bea Crepe Blazer

Fits Everybody High Neck Bodysuit in Oxide

SKIMS Fits Everybody High Neck Bodysuit in Oxide

Vertical-Stripe Palazzo Trousers

Alysi Vertical-Stripe Palazzo Trousers

Lorelai Quartz and Diamond Necklace

Brilliant Earth Lorelai Quartz and Diamond Necklace
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