Mercedes Schlapp suggests Joe Biden’s aviators are a form of “propaganda”

Political commentator and author Mercedes Schlapp along with her husband, Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) Chairman Matt Schlapp, are frequent guests on right-wing media outlets such as Real America’s Voice.

On Sunday, the couple appeared on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” and claimed to the show’s namesake host that President Joe Biden’s signature aviator sunglasses are left-wing “propaganda” props designed to make Biden seem tough.

“First, don’t listen to the mainstream media because what they’re trying to do is sell the propaganda that the Democrats are on the rise again,” Schlapp said. “You’d know that when you see Joe Biden put on his aviator sunglasses, and they give him this look of strength. And it’s so – it’s such a lie and so it’s so critical to just not let that get you down.”

Schlapp’s allegation follow’s Biden’s Thursday speech in Philadelphia, in which he warned of the imminent and existential dangers that former President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again movement poses to the democratic future of the U.S.

CPAC selected Hungary’s authoritarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to be the keynote speaker at its conference on Aug. 4.

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