Kim Kardashian Subtly Supported Pete At Kourtney’s Wedding

The Internet was given plenty of A-list couple news this weekend, but you might’ve missed one secret detail. As Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker tied the knot in Portofino, Italy, Kim Kardashian was noticeably date-less since the wedding festivities clashed with her boyfriend Pete Davidson’s last day at SNL.

But while Davidson was saying goodbye to his former role–while making some headline-grabbing remarks about his engagement to Ariana Grande– Kim still found a way to include him in her sister’s wedding. Along with Kim’s eye-catching outfit, the entrepreneur and reality star also donned a manicure with one unique detail.

On her Instagram, Kim revealed that there was a secret nod to her boyfriend on her hot pink manicure, a bedazzled letter “P” in reference to Pete. Kim, who rarely wears the long nails her sisters are famous for, clearly wanted to bring along a memento of her man. She also posted a collage of Pete on her Instagram stories to celebrate his last day at SNL–while covering up a photo of him wearing a hat that initially said, “Make Kanye 2006 again,” referencing Kim’s ex-husband.

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It seems like Kim’s P-manicure didn’t make the final cut for her wedding outfit–maybe Kravis didn’t want to fight for the spotlight–but either way, it seems like maybe monitoring Kim’s nails is the new way to stay informed on her relationship. And perhaps it’ll inspire us to put our crush’s initials on our belongings again, the 2022 version of doodling on a binder.

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