15 Eyebrow Gels For All Your Brow Woes

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Rosdiana Ciaravolo

Eyes are the windows to the soul but let’s not pretend that eyebrows aren’t just as important. The perfect brow (ahem, Zendaya) isn’t birthed overnight; it takes a lot of training, threading or waxing, and an arduous search for the perfect brow gel. Maybe you use a brow pencil to add depth or religiously apply a brow-growth serum. Either way, topping it off with a brow gel is essential.” Eyebrow gel is the easiest way to tame brows and make them look fuller and groomed,” says makeup artist Tasha Brown, who works with Yara Shahidi, Logan Browning, and Maggie Betts.

“I use clear brows gel and brush brows upwards and out for basic grooming. My go-to technique is to use a brow powder and create small, hair-like strokes in the direction the hair grows in the brows. Then I finish with a generous coating of tinted brow gel for a clean, believable effect.” Like many beauty lovers, Betts’s favorite gel is none other than the fan-favorite Glossier Brow Boy. Ahead, Boy Brow and 14 other gels will keep your brow game strong.

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Best For Redheads

Boy Brow


Best For Unruly Brows

Brow Gel

Anastasia Beverly Hills


Best Waterproof Brow Gel

Long Lasting Eyebrow Gel for Waterproof Eyebrow Makeup


Best For Sparse Brows

Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment


Best Clear Brow Gel

24-HR Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel

Benefit Cosmetics


Best For No Budge Brows

The Brow Glue

NYX Professional Makeup


Best For Bushy Brows

Master Hold Brow Gel

Makeup by Mario


Best For Thin Brows

Wow Brow Gel

e.l.f. Cosmetics


Best Soap Brow Alternative

Brow Sculpt Shape and Hold Gel with Lamination Effect


Best For Brow Growth

Brow Gel


Best For Fine Brows

Air Brow Tinted Clean Volumizing Eyebrow Gel


Best For Thin Brows

BROW-FRO Blow Out Gel

UOMA Beauty


Best For Bold Brows

KUSH Fiber Eyebrow Gel



Best Clean Brow Gel

Arch Support Brow Powder Gel


Best Soft Brow Gel

Brow Structure Clear Set

Joey Healy

Meet the Experts

What do eyebrow gels do?

“Brow gels are the simplest way to style, redirect, fill, or tame brow hairs,” says Bailey. “It really depends on the nature of your brows, you might use it to comb it up in a pleasing, fluffy manner. You might use it to keep your shape and place all day, or you might use them to really tame stubborn hairs that tend to go crazy on you,” adds Healy.

Why are people using soap as brow gel?

“People love using this hack because it’s an inexpensive way to get a stronghold and help keep your brows in place all day, especially if you have thick, unruly brow hairs,” says Bailey. It’s actually considered an old-Hollywood secret that has been used by makeup artists on set, in editorial beauty and fashion shoots, and even in drag makeup for decades.” Soap brows are a great way to cheat laminated brows. “It’s a highly stylized look, but to me, it’s not a no-makeup makeup look,” says Healy. “It looks like the brows have been manipulated in such a way. There are a lot of expensive products on the market that are soap brow-like products, but good old-fashioned soap, specifically a clear bar of Glycerine soap, will do the job. I always recommend Pears, it’s just a very simple Glycerine soap that you see commonly around.”

What is the best eyebrow gel?

“Finding the right brow gel for you can be really personal depending on how you want it to perform,” says Bailey. “I love brow gels that don’t get crispy or crunchy and ones that don’t leave a residue,” says Healy. “Sometimes brow gels leave this flakiness behind and I prefer when they leave a pliable, flexible hold. For me, that’s a light to medium weight hold. If you need something a little bit more intense, you can opt for a mustache wax, and I think that’s even better than using a bar of soap. It’s also inexpensive, but it’s made for hair and it does give a bit of more substantial hold. But, most people are good with a basic, medium brow gel, and people don’t always know that you can in fact layer your brow gels.”

What are the different types of brow gels?

“These days, there are so many different types,” says Healy. For Bailey, answering these questions is key to finding your perfect brow gel. “Do you want a strong hold or a light hold? Do you want a gel with a tint or clear? Fiber enhanced gel for volume or something more flat? Quick dry time or something more workable?” The two most common types of brow gels are Brow Setting Gels and Fiber Brow gels. A setting brow keeps hairs in place, while a fiber gel can help the brow look fluffier and more voluminous.

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