Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Subtly Respond to Breakup Rumors on Tuesday Lunch Date

Speculation that engaged, self-described “twin flames” Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly quietly ended their relationship is very off the mark, sources made clear to TMZ. Then Fox and Kelly made that clearer when they were photographed out on a lunch date in Brentwood, California, yesterday, showing PDA.

Kelly and Fox had an arm around each other while walking there. TMZ has photos, which you can see here. Fox dressed up in a blue sports bra, biker shorts, a matching sweater, and a light blue and pink fuzzy hat, while Kelly stood out in a pink cartoon lion top and light blue pants.

Multiple sources close to the couple explained the two’s time apart to TMZ. The outlet wrote it was informed that “they’re doing just fine—no big issues. They obviously can’t be together 24/7. Both of them work and have kids, but we’re told they’re solid.”

Breakup rumors were first sparked because fans noticed Kelly hasn’t appeared on Fox’s Instagram since June, and Fox missed his hometown show in Cleveland. Some outlets, including The Sun and Gawker also ran pieces over the last few weeks speculating Kelly and Fox’s romantic relationship may be in trouble.

A source claimed to The Sun in May that they were still together, but Fox was a little frustrated with Kelly’s behavior. The source alleged,Friends are worried they could be on the rocks as they have been fighting a lot and getting on each other’s nerves. They had an amazing relationship for the first year but now Megan often feels she is dealing with a grown-up child. He can also be prone to jealousy whenever she talks to other men. They both feel under pressure because their relationship is so in the public eye and rumors about her pregnancy have also caused arguments. It’s not over yet but friends think Megan would be the one that would end things.”


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