Celebrity Makeup Artist Katie Jane Hughes Is Giving You the Tools to DIY Your Glow

In celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes world, makeup products are not one size fits all. In fact, the NYC based creative, who is responsible for giving her signature glow to celebs including Ashley Graham, Kate Bosworth, and Rosie Huntington Whitley, now wants to make us all look like we’ve just returned from a Caribbean vacation. Beginning today, September 26th, Hughes performs her biggest transformation yet, morphing from makeup artist to entrepreneur with the launch of her eponymous label, KJH.brand. “People refer to me as KJH, so it felt fitting. I didn’t want this to be a beauty specific line and ‘brand’ felt generic and cool,” Hughes shares with ELLE.com.

Hyper Shine High Lite Kit

Hyper Shine High Lite Kit

Hyper Shine High Lite Kit

Credit: KJH.brand

Hughes’ launched her makeup line with one product: The Hyper Shine High Lite Kit. The kit consists of the No 1 Brush, Hyper Shine Serum, and Hyper Shine Lite Pigment designed to give you a luminous look. “I really wanted to do something close to my roots as a makeup artist and skin is definitely that,” says Hughes. She’s known for a skin first approach to her makeup looks, which has become more popular over the years. “A good highlighter is a great foundation to anyone’s makeup look and something that everyone can wear,” she says. The kit will run you $75.00 and is available in four different pigments, lite pink, lite gold, lite copper, and lite bronze.

With Hughes’ highlighter kit, you can truly customize your glow and she shares there are “truly no rules” in how you use the kit. However, her favorite way is to drop a little bit of the serum into the jar of pigment and mix it with the brush. Then apply under and over your makeup for glow and shine. Remember, if you want to highlight your face, it’s best to apply the product on the high points of your face (like your cheekbones). Depending on your skin type, Hughes has various recommendations, “If you’re oily skin type, use 1 drop of Hyper Shine Serum to the Hyper Shine Lite Pigment. If you’re dry, use two drops or you can apply the Hyper Shine Lite Pigment neat under foundation.” Nevertheless, the product can be used wherever you like—eyes, lips, and body are other locations to give it a try.

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The DIY aspect of the product was a main source of inspiration for Hughes starting her line and a tenet of the brand. “Truly having a dialogue with my community on a daily basis made me realize there’s a need in the market for more brands that educate the consumer on the many ways a product can be used,” states Hughes. Her “community” includes none other than Hailey Bieber and Lily Allen, who have both worn the product. Hughes admits that the plan is for many “but not all” of her products to be customizable.

Don’t let the name fool you. The Hyper Shine Serum is makeup focused, not skincare focused, the latter becoming a trend in many budding and legacy makeup brands. However, the serum is formulated with coconut extract, which not only gives your the glass-like editorial glow, but also keeps skin hydrated by locking in moisture and can help strengthen your skin barrier over time. Nevertheless, Hughes is here to stick to what she knows best: makeup. “I really didn’t want to market this product as containing a number of skincare benefits because I’m not a skincare expert. I wanted this to be a true makeup product that felt good on your skin,” she says.

And that’s exactly what the product is: A customizable highlighter that gives you the coveted dewy glow you see on all your favorite celebs. Nothing more, nothing less. But what about what’s next? Hughes hints at a Spring 2024 launch, “which will also be a hybrid product.” However, beginning today, you can shop the Hyper Shine High Lite Kit on KJHbrand.com. Hughes has given us the gift of glow—and our cheekbones are thankful.

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