Nigeria: Fulani Murder Country, Catalyst For Yoruba Exit, By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Nigeria has become a place of bitter irony and black humor, failed hopes, and dashed plans. The Sunday morning service massacre by the Fulani terrorists at Catholic Church, Owa-luwa Street, Owo, Ondo State, was proof that mass murder, ethnic cleansing, genocide, hatred, and rage, have taken on new meaning for Nigerians and in particular, Yorubas.
If we understand our history and experiences of Nigeria as a separate, hostile, unequal country, and the ways the Fulanis have exploited and manipulated political power to unleash their genocidal mission to advance their Fulanization and Islamization agenda, no one in his or her sound mind would continue to advocate for one Nigeria.

The southwest is the new frontline of Fulani terrorism. The goal of Fulani terrorists is not only to target Yorubas and drive fear into them but to wipe the Yoruba race off the earth. First, they asked us to give up our land for their cows to graze (rugalization). Then they came for our waterways. Then our forest. Now, like Agama lizards, they are hiding in our forest as a launching pad to carry out their massacre against us.
The Fulani terrorists are bent on unleashing yet more horrific killings in the days and months ahead to suppress our normal life and drive Yorubas into mental fortresses.
Yorubas are not legally bound under all circumstances to remain in Nigeria. Yorubas have the natural right which is reserved for all people, and which cannot be given to any government, and no government can take it away. It is the natural right of Yorubas to form a new nation for our mutual protection, for the promotion of our mutual welfare, and for all purposes, we deem most conducive to our mutual happiness, peace, progress, and prosperity.
The Nigerian government has failed to provide the primary objective of a government- the protection of lives and property. Sadly, the Nigerian government headed by the ageing and lifeless dictator, General Muhammadu Buhari, is an accomplice in the Fulani terrorism. Therefore, it is the natural right of Yorubas to separate from Nigeria and declare their independence from the hell fire known as Nigeria. Since Nigeria has become the Fulani murder country, it is yet another catalyst that would speed up the Yoruba exit. We cannot continue to live with terrorists, savages, murderers, lunatics, and animals.
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