PDP Delegate Reportedly Spends About N13 Million From Election Largesse On Underprivileged Persons In Kaduna Community

Tanko Rossi Sabo, a delegate in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primary elections has reportedly spent about N13 million from the election largesse on underprivileged persons in the community and payment of examination fees for secondary school students.

According to him, during his campaign for election as a delegate, he had promised to give back monetary benefits to the community if elected.

Sabo, who is from the Sanga Local Government Area of the state said he had given N100, 000 as logistics to a 5-man committee to go around schools and pay examination fees for underprivileged students.

Giving further details of payments made, Sabo was said to have given N6.9 million to assist 150 orphans and underprivileged people in the communities cutting across party lines.

Similarly, he said N3.2 million was spent on the purchase of 42 customised jerseys, including goalkeeper wears, socks and tracksuits to promote the game of football among youths in the area.

Also, he reportedly gave about N1.3 million to PDP Ward executives in Sanga local government area.

He further spent N700,000 to support elders, women and executive beggars known as “Maroka” as well as one Danladi Janda with N100,000.

He also disclosed plans to extend the gesture to the youths in Dogon Daji, Gani communities as well as samba boys of Bokana.

Sabo said he participated in the state assembly, National Assembly, governorship and presidential primaries of the PDP.

He said, “When I was campaigning to be elected delegate, I told my people that whatever I get as monitory benefit from the primaries, I will share with them.

“So, I am just fulfilling the promise I made when I was campaigning to be elected as a delegate for the primary elections.”

He, however, refused to state how much he received from aspirants seeking his vote in the primaries.

Asked how much he made during the primaries, he said, “The money you will get depends on your connection with the politicians.

“I have a lot of mentors and political leaders. There are some that contested for House of Representatives and State Assembly primaries, but we couldn’t meet after their declaration.

“We later met in Abuja during the National convention. There were some that promised me something during the convention.

“All the money they gave me for my hotel accommodation and food I took it back to share with the people as I promised.”

A Facebook user, Isaac Jideofor noted, “Hon. Tanko Rossi Sabo campaigned to be elected as a national delegate for PDP convention where the Presidential candidate will be elected in Abuja.

“He promised his people that he will share the bribe money if elected, he was elected and now he’s back with the money he got and shared it all with his community in Sanga LGA.

“Out of the money, he gave N7 million alone to the less privileged. He bought clothes for extremely poor people of (sic) the communities, paid school fees for students and hospital bills for the sick. He distributed the rest of the money to other support groups.

“Thank you Tanko for bringing back your share of national cake home. Well done bro. EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) should decide whether bribe is good or not but our own stand is; if you steal, please share with the poor.”


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