Brad Pitt Launched a Beauty Brand Because His Exes Did Too

Actor, hair icon, vineyard owner, and rosé producer Brad Pitt is dipping his toes into the skincare pool—and the pool is made of grapes. Called Le Domaine, the multi-hyphenate’s new four-piece genderless skincare line is made of wine production remnants, natural sources including olive oil from Pitt’s own vineyard, and two patent-pending ingredients developed after years of research.

Pitt’s journey with grapes dates back to 2008, when he signed a long-term lease on the 1,800-acre vineyard Château Miraval. He officially purchased the land in 2012 with then-wife Angelina Jolie, who recently sold her portion of the property amidst their ongoing divorce battle. Back in 2012, Pitt was introduced to Marc Perrin, now co-founder of Le Domaine and CEO of Miraval-Provence, whose family has been in the wine business for over a century. Upon meeting, the duo made big plans for bringing back Miraval wine, which you probably recognize as the fancy rosé you splurge on after an especially hard week. Well, turns out, you can now splurge on some skincare from the same team!

During an exclusive press junket at the Miraval vineyard, Pitt walked around casually from person-to-person to chat about the products and marvel at the provencal views with his guests. Decked in a purple linen suit designed by his friend Haans Nicholas Mott (the designer behind the star’s skirt at the Berlin premiere of Bullet Train), Pitt looked as suave as you would expect. He laughed while gesturing a thumbs up and thumbs down, and said with a barely-there Southern accent, “Approved, not approved?” wondering how the editors would rate his new products. Attendees sipped Miraval rosé, and he joked that his exes had done such a great job with their respective beauty ventures (Gwyneth Paltrow with her wellness site and brand Goop, and Jennifer Aniston with her haircare line LolaVie), that he thought he should maybe dive in too.

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Pitt said that he’d always thought about launching his own skincare line and had been approached by several brands over the years, but it never felt quite right—that is, until Perrin floated the idea of creating a line using their resources. The Perrin family has been working with enologist Dr. Pierre-Louis Teissedre for over 10 years to explore how grape remnants can be used after making wine in order to make production more circular. With this information, Dr. Teissedre created one of Le Domaine’s hero ingredients: GSM10®, which is packed with antioxidants from Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre grapes’ pulpy extract from the Perrin estates. They “provide protection against oxidation if they are applied regularly, and over the long-term, they will limit skin aging. They also combat the risk of dry skin,” said Dr. Teissedre in a press statement.

But the skincare goodness didn’t stop there. The Le Domaine team continued their research with medical genetics specialist Dr. Nicolas Lévy, who has been studying progeria, a rare disease that causes extreme rapid aging amongst children, for over 20 years. Through his research, he developed the ProGr3® ingredient, which helps to reduce the harmful causes of progerin and ultimately the signs of aging. The second hero ingredient featured in the Le Domaine product line is packed with molecules from chamomile extract, green tea, and of course, grapevine tendrils.

The line is currently made up of four products: The Cleansing Emulsion, The Serum, The Cream (Pitt’s personal fave!), and a lighter moisturizer, The Fluid Cream, (launching in early 2023). Each product is housed in a glass jar or bottle and topped with a wooden cap made from upcycled wine barrels from the Perrin family’s estates. The line is currently available at and will launch at major retailers in the future.

While Pitt seems to be a minimalist when it comes to beauty and wellness, it looks like he’s doing something right. When asked what his beauty secrets were, he responded with “try to be physical a little bit, try to eat healthy a little bit, gotta cheat though, try to stay creative, all of that.” Oh, and he’d probably recommend you use his new Le Domaine products because, you know the age-old saying, ‘When life gives you grapes, make wine…and skincare!’”

Shop Le Domaine here:

The Cleansing Emulsion

Le Domaine The Cleansing Emulsion

The first step in Le Domaine’s ritual is The Cleansing Emulsion, a hydrating, jelly-like cleanser.

The Serum

Le Domaine The Serum

While The Serum includes Le Domaine’s two hero ingredients to reduce the signs of aging, it is also packed with hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin.

The Cream

Le Domaine The Cream

The Cream is Pitt’s personal favorite product in Le Domaine’s range. “I really like the texture because it’s creamy; it moisturizes quickly. It makes my skin much more comfortable under the California sun,” he said in a statement.

The Fluid Cream

Le Domaine The Fluid Cream

The last product in the line, The Fluid Cream, which will be available in January 2023, is a lighter version of The Cream and is perfect for oilier skin.


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