Former RNC official warns “crazypants” MAGA devotees are taking over state elections

In a new episode of “Not My Party,” former Republican Party official and Jeb Bush staffer Tim Miller highlighted the “crazypants candidates” who are running for secretary of state and other election-management positions around the country with the express goal of proving former President Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” — or worse, rigging election systems in the name of it.

“Lest you think this is all coming from a few random kooks, there are Republican candidates in Colorado, and throughout the country, who are running to be in charge of their states’ elections on the explicit platform of overturning results if their preferred candidate doesn’t win,” said Miller.

“The most extreme member of that coalition is Griswold’s opponent in Colorado, Tina Peters … Here we got into just how bonkers Tina is. In order to prove Trump’s crazy election fraud theory, a top election official in Western Colorado allegedly had her team take screenshots that purported to prove the voting machines could be hacked, and then leaked those screenshots to the guy who we think is behind QAnon.”

Peters is currently under indictment for breaching election security equipment, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has claimed he is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to her defense — which could be against state law.

But this isn’t a one-off — many other Republicans are running for election offices on similar platforms, like Michigan’s Kristina Karamo, who has spoken at a QAnon conference, and Arizona’s Mark Finchem, who ironically does not presently live where he is registered to vote.

“Now here’s the second scary possibility: If a Republican wave happens this November, and I expect that it will, it will usher in a slew of election officials who might not be as Q-pilled as Tina Peters, but who won’t be shy in their efforts to try to rig the game for Trump next time,” warned Miller.

Watch the episode below:


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