Comrade Sowore: My Vision, My Mission! By Ozodinukwe Okenwa

Dear compatriots,
It is important that I begin this presidential declaration address of mine by declaring emphatically that Nigeria, our great country, is at crossroads. The (mis)ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has effortfully plunged the nation into monumental indebtedness, misery, economic decline and social tension in almost every region. Nowhere is safe or secure anymore — not even Abuja, Daura or Damaturu! Nowhere is spared of the organized terrorism of both the state and non-state actors. We have never had it so bad post-independence in 1960.
We grieve for thousands of our compatriots thus far assassinated or killed by state terrorists or demented Islamic terrorists or terrorists of other hue operating in the South-east. Because of his inability to secure the lives and properties of our people President Muhammadu Buhari has set us backwards, decades backwards into the stone age. Under his undewhelming administration we are being regaled with inexplicable massacres of our people and the ‘unknown gunmen’ phenomenon!
Fellow Nigerians, the future is bleak, bleaker than we can ever imagine. But as 2023 presidential poll beckons we must use our PVCs to topple the APC and PDP and govern responsibly. We have no other choice but to defeat them at the polls.

I promise you that upon your mandate we shall provide effective efficient leadership that knows neither tribe nor religion. We shall lead with sincerity of purpose, character and worthy example. Leadership by emotion or sentiment shall not be part of our efforts. Yet, we shall be sharing in your sufferings and living conditions but justice and hardwork are principles beyond compromise.
Nigeria urgently needs a strong healthy no-nonsense leader willing and ready to knock sense as it were back to the senseless situation. We shall reward the brave and the patriotic and dutifully punish the vile and criminal-minded.
Defection from one political party to another (a product of selfish politics) would be legislated against. Quota system and federal character would be summarily annulled to pave way for merit and competence and competition to prevail in the system.
My countrymen and women, you would agree with me that Buharism has divided our people along ethnic and religious lines. We shall bring back unity! We shall bring back hope and genuine love of country.
Critics could afford to dismiss the African Action Congress (AAC), our great party, as electorally inconsequential. They say that we have got no structures on the ground across the federation. But we hasten to tell them that the common man and woman everywhere are our human assets. The ‘okada’ riders, the market women, the artisans, the commoners, these are our party’s agents everywhere.
The truth of the matter is that we are determined to get elected to the pinnacle of power. Emmanuel Macron never used the establishment parties in France to ride to power. He created a movement that the French identified with and he was swept to power to the Elysée Palace in Paris.
The PDP and the APC in Nigeria are two political fingers of a leprous hand! None of the parties has anything to offer Nigerians in terms of change and prosperity. We must vote them out.
The last time we participated in the presidential election three years ago we were allocated thousands of votes by the Independent(?) National Electoral Commission (INEC). The APC rigged that poll but this time electoral manipulation can no longer be tolerated or accepted as a way of life. A true winner must emerge through the ballot box!
Fellow Nigerians, majority of us are united in our conclusion that Muhammadu Buhari has failed in every way imaginable. The retired lanky General and his lawless gang have almost destroyed our beautiful country. But thank goodness the day of reckoning is fast approaching.
I promise you all that upon being elected President I would probe the Buhari regime and bring their atrocious actions to book. Those found to have corruptibly enriched themselves would be tried and jailed. Many Generals in our underwhelming Armed Forces would be retired. Those of them profiting from the Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorism up north would be found out and fixed accordingly.
We shall not be afraid to do justice no matter whose ox is gored. We shall impose order by dealing ruthlessly with insecurity. We shall be bold and efficacious in our efforts to sanitize the rotten system.
The present and past leaders (nay dealers) we have had had rendered the system broken and hopeless by their unpatriotism, incompetence and corruption. But we are determined to bring back hope and happiness to our people.
Governance in Nigeria (especially at the centre) has been turned into a criminal enterprise killing and robbing our people extra-judicially and jailing the innocent! The crooked system has endured for too long. Our people are abandoned at the middle of nowhere fending for themselves, providing their own security and powering their own electricity following the collapse of the national grid.
We must stand up to the power supply cabal or mafia profiting criminally from the prevalence of darkness in our cities and towns. The so-called ‘I-better-pass-my-neighbour’ individual power generating conundrum would be a thing of the past as homes are going to be powered through the solar system.
Our manifesto features constructive engagement with lecturers and workers who would be receiving decent livable wages. We shall, however, be pitiless for ghost workers and genuine workers who indulge in sabotaging the system for their selfish ends. We shall expose corruption and the corrupt no matter how highly-placed.
We shall deal decisively with the armed and dangerous Fulani herding criminals. Digital fraud and fraudsters and political swindlers and ‘ten-percenters’ would receive our serious attention.
My people, Buhari and his DSS lawless goons have tried every trick in their book to kill my spirit or intimidate me. But they have failed to cow me or dampen my spirit. Since my UNILAG student years in Lagos I had dedicated my entire life to service to humanity. SaharaReporters is just one sure way of contributing my quota towards a better society.
The Buhari administration had done everything possible to either destroy the AAC or use a political contractor, Leonard Nzenwa, to hijack same. But we have used the instrumentality of our laws to reclaim what is rightly ours! Nzenwa is a tout desperate to reap where he did not sow. Failure awaits every effort of his!
Thank you for taking action to achieve the ‘revolution’. Please, the time is now; the very time to send our oppressors back to their villages. When we take power, the power of the people, for the people and by the people, they will hear from us.
Countrymen and women, this is about my vision and my mission! With your massive support and empowerment we shall do the needful; we shall endeavour, together, to save our nation and our people, one you or one me at a time.
May God help us achieve our objective.
SOC Okenwa
[email protected]


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