Republican Congressman Paul Gosar scheduled for white nationalist event on Hitler’s birthday

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar is scheduled to attend another white nationalist event; this one set for April 20, Hitler’s birthday.

Just the other day Gosar was making the press rounds claiming that his attendance at white nationalist Nick Fuentes’ AFPAC conference was due to a “miscommunication” of some sort, which he credited to his staff. And now a similar event has popped up on his calendar, set to take place on a date that holds special weight for white supremacists.

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This most recent event, the The American Populist Social, is hosted by the American Populist Union with John Doyle, host of “Heck Off, Commie!” and Gosar pictured on the event’s ticket link as special guests.  

The details of the night’s event is broken down as such:

The Social will be served with dinner and a chance to meet some of the best legislatures, best people running for office, and media personalities in the country! The night will also include addresses from our special guests!

There will be dinner served at the price of a ticket!

What will be served:

Soft Pretzels – served with House-made Cheese

Potato Tacos – Seasoned Potatoes fried in crispy corn tortillas

Chef’s Choice Pizza – Fresh hand-tossed Pizza

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According to the AZ Mirror, the American Populist Union is aligned with a group of white nationalists known as “groypers” whose main goal is for their ideals to become cemented within the “Republican mainstream” way of thinking. Doyle, the other listed guest at the event, is a known ally of “groypers,” and has promoted their agenda in the past. According to AZ Mirror’s report Doyle has previously organized a “Stop the Steal” rally with Fuentes, has spoken negatively of the life and work of Martin Luther King, and believes that “liberalism is linked to satanism.”

Arizona state Sen. Warren Petersen, R-Gilbert was initially tied to the April 20 event, but has since backed out.

“When they first contacted me, I thought it was a County Young Republican event,” Petersen said in a quote used by AZ Mirror. “After I realized it was an organization I was unfamiliar with, I respectfully declined to speak.”

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