Kendall and Kylie Jenner Offer Two Different Takes on the String Bikini

Kylie Jenner is dropping swimwear for her line Khy tomorrow, so naturally, both she and her older sister Kendall Jenner offered a look at their summer swimsuit style today. Kylie modeled the chocolate micro triangle bikini top and classic bottom in sultry shots on the brand’s Instagram.

kylie jenner posing in a khy bikini


kylie jenner in a bikini


Khy Micro Triangle Bikini Top

Micro Triangle Bikini Top

Khy Classic Bikini Bottom

Classic Bikini Bottom

Kendall, meanwhile, shared a carousel of images on her account that offer a look at her summer so far. She and Kylie appear in a video together hugging and doing pottery. Tucked in the collection is a photo of Kendall lounging in a navy string bikini of her own.

kendall jenner in a navy string bikini


Last October, Jennifer Lawrence interviewed Kylie for Interview magazine and asked about her relationship with Kendall.You and Kendall are so different,” Lawrence prefaced. “You and me are Leos. We’re happy, excited golden retrievers. And Kendall, of course, is a Scorpio like our mother, Kris. What are the differences that bring you guys closer and what are the differences that are more difficult to navigate?”

“Her bonding with Stormi [Kylie’s daughter] has brought us closer,” Kylie said. “We both have this strong presence and personality, but that’s not a bad thing.” She added, “We’re so different between our style and our personality.”

Kylie also admitted that part of the reason she chose to have greyhound dogs was because they remind her of Kendall. “I love seeing little Kendalls run around, and I think they’re just funny,” she said. “They just make me smile. I was never, like, a Shih Tzu Pomeranian type of girl.”


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