Function of Beauty’s PRO Custom Haircare Line Completely Transformed My Routine

As a member of the wavy, unruly hair club, I’ve always envied folks blessed with naturally tamable locks (you know, those people who can run a few fingers through their wet hair, let it air dry, and still magically end up with silky strands). That was, until I found a way to fake being one of them.

No, I’m not talking about dropping a small fortune on weekly blowouts or regularly spending hours wielding a hair dryer brush at home to smooth my thick, waist-length locks. Instead, I found an easy, effective solution in Function’s of Beauty’s PRO haircare line, which debuted exclusively at Sephora last August. Like the brand’s OG viral products that first hit Target shelves in 2015, this new assortment offers customized solutions for different hair types. But as a godsend for people like me who color their hair and are naturally more prone to dryness and breakage, it’s focuses on repairing broken bonds in the hair to revive damaged, dehydrated tresses.

I’ve tried many bonding treatments before, but Function of Beauty’s PRO line has quickly become one of my new favorites. On top of including tailored shampoos and masks for straight, wavy, and curly and coily hair types, it also offers nine add-in concentrates to enhance the effects of said products. What’s more, the brand launched a new leave-in bonding treatment earlier this year to promote even shinier, stronger locks. And lucky for you, I’ve tested almost all of these formulas.

The technology

In case you’re not already familiar, bonding treatments “are great for double process clients like blondes, those who use chemical styling treatments such as perms, or who have high heat damage from over-styling work to protect and restore the hydrogen, salt, and disulfide bonds of the hair to strengthen it from the inside out,” celebrity hairstylist Adam Maclay previously told “It’s like filling in the potholes on the street; these products help to smooth split ends, restore moisture and shine, and make the hair more manageable.”

The Function of Beauty PRO line not only works to do just that but its patented Adaptive f3 Bonding Complex is uniquely designed to self-adjust to your level of damage for a more personalized solution. Apart from the latest leave-in treatment (more on that later), every product is also enriched with amino acids to further help strengthen hair, reduce breakage, and fight frizz.

And there’s clinical research backing them. According to trials conducted by the brand, you can expect hair to be two times smoother and experience two times less breakage after just five washes with the shampoo and mask.

Each customized formula also stars a range of natural ingredients made to address specific concerns associated with each hair type—from adding body and shine to supporting curl bounce. Additionally, all the formulas are dermatologist-tested, vegan, cruelty-free, and certified clean at Sephora—meaning they’re devoid of harsh chemicals like sulfates, phthalates, and parabens.

How I tested

function of beauty pro wavy hair products

Courtesy of Sam Peters

As you might have guessed, I use the shampoo and mask for wavy, damaged hair. I only wash my hair once per week to help minimize dryness, so this mask is currently replacing any conditioner in my shower. I generously apply the mask from mid-lengths to ends, and per a hair stylist’s suggestion, lightly apply the formula to my baby hairs and the crown of my head, where I consistently experience breakage and frizz.

Over the course of a few months, I’ve added in The Moisture Shot, The Frizz Genius, and The Lift Legend concentrates to each product. (According to the brand, you can add up to three Hair Goal boosters to a single product). All you need to do is pour the entire contents of the booster(s) into the shampoo or mask, then shake it for approximately 15 seconds before applying.

Lastly, I finish with the new Leave-In Treatment for Damaged Straight and Wavy Hair. (Note: if you have curly or coily hair, there’s a version available for you, too). A hybrid serum-in-cream, this styling treatment features the highest concentration of the brand’s Bonding Complex—as well as hydrating babassu oil and strengthening amaranth extract—to help reverse damage, minimize frizz, boost radiance, and even offer heat protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be used on wet or dry hair, and unlike many other similar products on the market, doesn’t require heat to be activated. Per the instructions, I typically apply a quarter-sized amount to damp hair, focusing on my ends but also applying any remnants to the aforementioned areas that could use it.

The results

There’s a reason I’ve continued to use the shampoo, mask, and boosters for months. These formulas are super nourishing yet lightweight, so they never weigh my hair down or make it look greasy (which is why the shampoo is one of my favorites for targeting dry scalp, too). And with the addition of the leave-in treatment to my lineup, my wave pattern has never looked better.

Having long hair means my waves get stretched out, and air drying them has always been a gamble: one week, they’ll dry nicely tousled, and yet, mysteriously, the next, they’ll end up in a frizzy, uneven bundle. But after implementing these products, I consistently experience fewer flyaways and great definition. In fact, I now often receive just as many compliments on my natural, beachy waves as I do on special occasions when I get a professional blowout.

function of beauty pro haircare review

Courtesy of Sam Peters

function of beauty pro haircare review

Sam Peters

The final verdict

I’m rarely impressed by new products these days, but Function of Beauty’s PRO line far exceeded my expectations. Not only have I found its formulas to be powerful (and great-smelling), but they’ve also made it easy for me to build an entire routine that’s uniquely suited to my needs. While wavy hair-specific products are still few and far between, I’ve finally found some great strengthening solutions that are really helping me embrace my texture.

Though these formulas aren’t the cheapest, they are generously sized (the 11-ounce shampoo clocks in at $24, while the 7-ounce conditioner is $28). And because, in my opinion, the quality is on par with that of luxury competitors, I’d say these products are definitely worth your dollar.

The bottom line: I’m a fan and would recommend these formulas to anyone who wants stronger, healthier hair quickly.


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