Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Low-Key-Genius Tips for a Foolproof Eye Look

Supermodel, style icon, mom, founder of clean, sustainable beauty brand Rose Inc—Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is about as busy as one can be. And while she could no doubt create a dramatic, runway-worthy makeup look in minutes, it makes sense that her regular aesthetic is more laid-back (but just as gorgeous).

“I would describe my everyday eye-makeup look as effortless and effective,” says Huntington-Whiteley. “To achieve it, I use Rose Inc Satin & Shimmer Duet Eyeshadow, a pair of pigment-rich eyeshadows—one cream, one pressed—that visibly smooth the skin while delivering multidimensional looks.”

And what’s an eye-makeup look without mascara? “Then I use the Rose Inc Ultra-Black Lash Lift Serum Mascara.” Like all products in the line, the innovative formula features proprietary, bioengineered botanical ingredients like a plant-based version of squalane. Huntington-Whiteley describes it as “a rich, glossy mascara that lengthens, lifts, and fortifies lashes.”

If you’re wondering if you have to actually be Huntington-Whiteley for your makeup to look as good as hers, the answer is—thankfully—no, because she’s spilling all her best tricks.

Use the right tools.

Huntington-Whiteley stresses that her biggest eye-makeup trick is using the correct tools for the job. “I always have a few small brushes on hand that allow me to be precise along the lash line and get into the crease of my eye with ease.” She starts with the Rose Inc Number 7 Fan Eyeshadow Brush. “It has a small, flexible shape that forms to the upper eyelid,” Huntington-Whiteley explains, adding that the unique shape helps effectively “sweep shimmer shadow over the lids” for the finishing touch. The Number 8 Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Brush is another go-to, thanks to its densely packed bristles that work with all shadow textures.

For lashes, there’s her not-so-secret weapon: “Of course, an eyelash curler makes all the difference when doing any makeup look.” If you’ve had issues with eyelash curlers in the past, fear not, because Huntington-Whiteley says the Rose Inc Eyelash Curler allows for added control: “Its thoughtfully designed curve adapts to every eye shape, targeting even hard-to-reach lashes with one squeeze.”

Focus on the two Ls—lighting and layers.

Like the supermodel she is, Huntington-Whiteley knows how to find her light. “Good lighting is the key to an effective eye-makeup application,” she says. (Natural lighting is always, always, always best!) She also notes that doing your makeup in layers makes a difference to the final look. “Stepping back between layers is crucial so you don’t lose perspective on what you’re doing—it’s easier to add more than to remove product!” she says.

Pay special attention to the lashes.

Swipe on a little mascara and call it a day? Not for Huntington-Whiteley. Post-curling, she has a special method of applying the Ultra-Black Lash Lift Serum Mascara: “Starting with the shorter side of the brush, I like to load up the root of my lashes before flipping the wand over to the longer, curved side to lengthen and pop the lashes up,” she says. And then there’s that all-important mascara wand itself: “I love how the curved dual bristle delivers a clean, defined finish and a natural curl that lasts.”

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Lindy Segal is a beauty writer and editor. In addition to regularly contributing to BAZAAR.COM, she also writes for Glamour, People, WhoWhatWear, and Fashionista, among other publications. She lives in New York City with her Chihuahua mix, Barney.


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