Carroll attorneys can’t stop talking about the “unbelievable” things Alina Habba said at trial

E. Jean Carroll attorneys Roberta Kaplan and Matthew Craig are still processing the levels of stress they endured while working across from Trump lawyer Alina Habba during the now concluded defamation trial.

On Friday, Salon’s Senior News Editor, Igor Derysh, reported on Kaplan’s revelation in a podcast interview with George Conway that Trump called her a euphemism for the c-word in a hissy fit at deposition over a lunch order, but further into the podcast, the focus turns to Habba, whom Kaplan feared would elicit heart attacks with her behavior.

Recounting an instance where Habba raised her voice at the judge, Kaplan says, “The idea that any lawyer sitting in front of Judge Kaplan would say the kinds of things she said . . . I think my blood pressure [rose] . . . The very first day she said to him, ‘I really don’t appreciate the way you’re talking to me.’ To the judge! And not even that nice. The tone of voice, she was kind of yelling at him, and I literally thought I was going to have a heart attack. Not that I’ve said it, but the stress of never knowing what she was going to say and how Judge Kaplan was going to react. He’s not known as being like the sweetest judge out there. It was unbelievable . . .”

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