The 12 Best Doctor-Recommended Feminine Washes

While many of us already use a body cleanser in the shower, “feminine washes” or “intimate washes” are specifically formulated to be used on or near the vulva. “Most women have a daily skin and face care routine; your beautiful, delicate vulva needs the same love and care! Just as you would only use a cleanser designed specifically for your face, you should only use a product that is created to support and nourish the unique biome of the vulva,” says Dr. Bertucio.

The skin on the vulva can be very sensitive and prone to irritation, which is why investing in a product specifically formulated for that area is important. “It can be difficult to find a wash that is safe and gentle enough to use for sensitive skin like on the vulva. Fragrances or alcohol can dry the skin and cause unwanted irritation or inflammation. I think most women want to find a wash that can leave them feeling fresh and one that they are confident will not cause any problems. The vulvar skin is the most permeable skin on the body due to the high concentration of sweat glands, hair follicles, and increased blood vessels, and this composition makes it more sensitive,” adds Dr. Montes.

However, it should be clear that the point of intimate washes is not to make your vulva smell perfumed. “Feminine washes are specifically made to have a pH that is optimal for cleansing the vaginal and intimate areas. The vaginal area has specific flora that can be disturbed by regular body washes that have a different pH. Messing up the pH or drying the vaginal area could put one at risk of yeast infections, foul odor, and irritant dermatitis. These washes are not meant for the internal vaginal canal. These cleansers are for surface cleaning,” continues Dr. Lal.


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