28 Knotless Braid Styles to Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

It’s undeniable that Zoë Kravitz’s signature style is her micro knotless box braids, which she’s regularly spotted wearing on the red carpet, photo shoots, and hanging out in NYC.

In an interview with ELLE.com, Kravitz revealed that Hollywood has not always been kind regarding her chosen hair style: “[Pre-George Floyd], I was constantly just fighting [about my hair] and being asked to change it. I would do a shoot, and this still happens to be honest, where they’ll say, “Can you take your braids out? Because we want to do something else.” And I always reply, “Pretend this is the way it grows out of my head. You don’t ask people that have long blonde hair to change their hair every time they do a shoot.” It’s interesting that I’m often asked to pop them braids out. Do you know how long this takes? And it’s also the way I wear my hair.”


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