Nancy Pelosi accompanies Dianne Feinstein’s remains to San Francisco

Rep. Nancy Pelosi sat on board a plane from the president’s military fleet on Saturday as it transported the remains of Sen. Dianne Feinstein to San Francisco, in preparation for her upcoming funeral service.

Feinstein — who passed away in her Washington, D.C. home on Thursday after attending to a series of votes on Capitol Hill — shared a long friendship with Pelosi, who has spoken emotionally on her passing since the event took place.

“With Dianne, it’s obviously official, it’s political, and it’s very personal,” Pelosi said on Sunday, in a quote obtained from CNN. “She was my neighbor, my friend. My family loved her personally, politically, in every way. We used to always say, if Dianne and I ran against each other, my daughter Nancy would probably vote for Dianne. That was the love that existed,” she further commented to Jake Tapper during an appearance on “State of the Union. 

Thanking Biden for seeing to it that Feinstein received a proper send-off, with her casket draped in the American flag, Pelosi went on to say, “She loved people. She loved California. She loved America.”

The senator’s daughter, Katherine Feinstein, and chief of staff James Sauls made the trip along with Pelosi. The exact details of Feinstein’s memorial and funeral have not yet been announced.  


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