The 6 Best High Frequency Wands for Smooth, Glowing Skin

We don’t blame you for wanting flawless skin from head to toe. Enter: This top-rated wand, which is beloved for reducing breakouts while simultaneously plumping and firming. It emits a combo of argon and neon gas, the latter of which is believed to help increase cell turnover and boost the the skin’s collagen and elastin levels. Not only that, but this set also comes with six glass tube attachments for use on the face, neck, scalp, arms, and legs, so you can essentially use it anywhere.

Attachments: Spoon Electrode, dot-point electrode, mushroom electrode, comb electrode, Y-shaped electrode, rod electrode

Gas type: Neon and argon

An Amazon reviewer says: “I am absolutely in love with this device and cannot stop singing its praises! It comes with different attachments, is easy to set up, and includes very informative guides on how to use it. You get used to handling the device very quickly, and I was able to jump to a higher frequency setting after only one session. I’ve been incorporating this treatment into my nightly routine two to three times a week and my skin has improved drastically! My skin’s texture has almost completely smoothed out and my acne has significantly reduced. I’ve also noticed that the wrinkles on my neck are becoming less noticeable, and I’ve even started to use it around my eyes to help with my fine lines.”


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