The story of the National Guard member who allegedly leaked docs on Discord keeps getting darker

Jack Teixeira, the 21-year-old National Guardsman who is alleged to have leaked classified military documents among his peers on gamer-centric chat platform Discord, lived in fear of a “race war” and believed the mainstream media had been corrupted by Zionists.

The look into the bizarre mind of Teixeira, whom the FBI took into custody last month on charges of violating the Espionage Act, arrives courtesy of a new report in the Washington Post released today. The report includes hundreds of unpublished screenshots of conversations between Teixeira and his friends on Discord, along with chat logs, videos, and interviews with his close friends.

The Post article includes a video clip of the alleged shooter at a gun range, donning protective wear, looking blankly into the camera and saying “Jews scam, n****rs rape, and I mag dump” in a mechanical intonation before firing off ten rounds. 

Teixeira’s friends told the Post that he was preparing for “what he imagined would be a violent struggle against a legion of perceived adversaries — including Blacks, political liberals, Jews, gay and transgender people.” 

“He used the term ‘race war’ quite a few times,” one of Teixeira’s close friends on Discord told the Post. “He did call himself racist, multiple times . . . . I would say he was proud of it.”

The report details Teixeira’s concern over the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, during which Teixeira was “afraid they would target white people . . . He had told me quite a few times he thought they need to be prepared for a revolution,” as his friend relayed. Teixeira also dismissed gay and transgender people as “degenerates.”

Teixeria, who lived with his mother and stepfather, professed a love of guns, and commanded a small arsenal. The Post also interviewed one confidant of his who said he had an “acute obsession with violence.” As that source told the newspaper:

“He would send me a video of someone getting killed, ISIS executions, mass shootings, war videos. People would screen-share it, and he would laugh very loudly and be very happy to watch these things with everyone else. He absolutely enjoyed gore.”

Teixeira, who worked as a computer technician at Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, had access to top secret Pentagon documents. He shared many of these on Discord among his virtual friends, seemingly for no reason other than clout; the documents pertained to the Ukraine-Russia War as well as intelligence reports on China, North Korea, and foreign attempts to interfere with U.S. elections. Teixeira had top-secret government security clearance after clearing a background investigation. 

Overall, the Post documents post a clear picture of a young man who was radicalized and adopted far-right beliefs, which were seemingly intensified during the pandemic as the United States polarized further. As Salon columnist Lucian Truscott previously noted, upon his arrest Teixeira became a cause celebré among much of the right-wing commentariat, including Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Last month, Greene tweeted [Teixeira] “is white, male, Christian, and anti-war.  That makes him an enemy to the Biden regime. Ask yourself who is the real enemy?  A young low level national guardsmen? Or the administration that is waging war in Ukraine, a non-NATO nation, against nuclear Russia without war powers?”

Prior to being fired from the network, pundit Tucker Carlson celebrated Teixeira on his Fox News show. “Tonight, the news media are celebrating the capture of the kid who told Americans what’s actually happening in Ukraine. They are treating him like Osama Bin Laden, maybe even worse actually, because, unlike Al Qaeda, apparently, this kid is a racist,” Carlson opined. 

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