12 Best Nail Drills for At-Home Salon Results

best nail drills electric manicure files

Jennifer Graylock

From carving out time to pamper yourself to getting a glimpse of your decorated nails amid a bad day, there’s no pick-me-up quite like the perfect mani, or pedi for that matter. For those looking to bring salon results to your home, incorporating nail drills, alternatively called electric nail files, into your manicure process can help you mimic the precision and detail at a salon.

While nail drills are certainly not for novices and users should proceed with hefty doses of skill and caution, they’re powerful enough to remove acrylics and gels, cut down on calluses, shape your nails, and trim your cuticles. Be sure to pair the drill with the correct drill tip and select the right speed setting. Practice makes perfect! We polled NYC-based celebrity nail artist Trenna Seney for the absolute best (and safe) nail drills for at-home use. If you’re ready to incorporate electric manicure files into your manicure routine, scroll ahead for the best nail drills out there.

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Meet The Expert

What are nail drills used for?

Before any nail polish or extension application, the nails must be prepped. Nail techs typically go in with a nail drill to “help remove, clean and file the nails,” NYC-based celebrity nail artist Trenna Seney says.

What kind of drill do you use for nails?

An electric nail drill is typically used for nails. As the name suggests, these gadgets are powered by electricity with tips and attachments that rotate across the nail and cuticle bed to polish and enhance the nail.

How essential is a nail drill to a manicure?

While buffers and nail files tend to deliver similar results, nail drills are less time-consuming. “It’s essential if you would like to save time as opposed to filing the nails by hand,” Seney adds. Nail drills are also great at providing precision. “It also helps with cleaning cuticles and getting into the sidewalls.”

Do nail drills damage nails?

Seney advises those who opt for at-home use to make sure they actually know how to operate the device properly. “If the person does not know how to properly use the nail drill, hold it properly and understand the different speeds, nails can be damaged,” she says. Nail drills typically come with several attachment heads that vary in length, width, and functions, so understanding which heads to use for your manicures ensures a seamless (and worry-free) process. “You should also know how much pressure to apply to the drill.”

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