Fox News anchor unimpressed with Republican’s Hunter Biden hype: “Five years investigating, nothing”

Fox News host Bill Hemmer seemed less than impressed with recent information regarding the House GOP probe into Hunter Biden’s business dealings. 

During a Tuesday interview with House Oversight Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., Hemmer pressed the Republican for information related to the findings of the long-running investigation, including a supposed $3 million dollar wire transfer sent to Joe Biden following his departure from the Obama administration.

“What was the purpose of that $3 million wire? Now that’s just the first wire that we’ve actually been able to obtain bank records on. There are many, many more,” Comer said. 

“You put your finger on it a second there. You said what were they doing in return for that money. Do you have an answer?” Hemmer asked.

“I do not. The media says this is a Hunter Biden investigation. This is an investigation of Joe Biden and we’re investigating the Biden family,” Comer replied.

“It’s been five years and what do we have for it? Five years is a long time to be investigating,” Hemmer acknowledged.

Comer also spoke about Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., the top Democrat on the Oversight Committee, who recently sent Comer a letter accusing the GOP of acting “in league with attorneys for former President Donald Trump to block the committee from receiving documents subpoenaed in its investigation of unauthorized, unreported and unlawful payments by foreign governments and others to then-President Trump.”

“I’m very disappointed that Raskin would issue that letter,” Comer said. “He issued it late Sunday night. Obviously he was working in conjunction with the White House.”

Hemmer concluded the news segment by once again underscoring that five years of inquiries have yet to prove fruitful, saying, “We will see if you are onto something. Again, five years investigating, nothing just yet.”

Comer said in a Tuesday statement that the Treasury Department will permit him to review Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) pertaining to bank accounts of the Biden family and its associates.

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“After two months of dragging their feet, the Treasury Department is finally providing us with access to the suspicious activity reports for the Biden family and their associates’ business transactions,” he said.

“We are going to continue to use bank documents and suspicious activity reports to follow the money trail to determine the extent of the Biden family’s business schemes, if Joe Biden is compromised by these deals, and if there is a national security threat,” Comer added. “If Treasury tries to stonewall our investigation again, we will continue to use tools at our disposal to compel compliance.”

Hunter Biden’s attorney dismissed the statement.

“After five years of the same old, disproven conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden and his family, Rep. Comer’s political obsession comes at the high cost of time and money that could be spent actually improving the lives of Americans,” attorney Abbe Lowell said in a statement. “Rep. Comer knows all too well that SARs reports are not uncommon.”

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