These 9 decadent Oscars night-approved recipes are all winners

The Oscars adds a new dimension to the term “party food.”

An Oscars (or, excuse me, Academy Awards) party has a decisively unique energy compared to a gathering for the Superbowl or a wine-soaked Bachelor or Bravo viewing party. The Oscars imparts a certain level of sophistication and an air of elegance, coupled with the fun of predicting who might take home the prized statuettes, who was “robbed,” chitchatting about red carpet looks, reminiscing about ceremonies past — or perhaps even arguing about a slap?

Regardless of the victors of the night, though, an Oscars party should be complete with food that matches this energy, allowing the partygoers to feel highfalutin in some capacity, no matter where you’re watching.

So, in the spirit of the night, we put together a quick list of some of our recipes that might capture this essence. 

Happy Oscars night! 

Twice Baked PotatoTwice Baked Potato (Getty Images/Imagesbybarbara)Image_placeholder
Potatoes are intrinsically humble but can become wonderful, elevated dishes. They hold multitudes! 
Here, Deputy Food Editor Ashlie D. Stevens combines crispy potatoes skins with light, whipped potato flesh enriched with mascarpone, chives and cheddar. The end result is equal parts elevated and pedestrian, contrasting the potato’s modesty with the elegance of the mascarpone. It’s the perfect bite for an Oscars party. 
A cocktail on the tableA cocktail on the table (Getty Images/Rebeca Mello)Image_placeholder
Here, columnist Maggie Hennesy spoke with Harrison Snow, a New York City bartender and Lower East Side cocktail bar owner, who detailed his ideal Boulevardier.
Rich with whiskey and also featuring vermouth, bitter liqueur and an orange peel twist, the drink is classy and sharp. Your guests will be very pleased. 
Crunchy Noodle SaladCrunchy Noodle Salad (Courtesy Bibi Hutchings)Image_placeholder
Columnist Bibi Hutchings’s ramen-studded salad is a family classic that has been enjoyed for years on end. Crunchy, bright and quick, the salad uses lettuce, broccoli and green onions which are then elevated with Ramen noodles, walnuts and a sweet-and-sour dressing. It’s an endlessly enjoyable salad that bursts with flavor and freshness in each bite. 
Chocolate Chip CookieChocolate Chip Cookie (Getty Images/Burazin)Image_placeholder
Developed by yours truly, this cookie really has it all. It’s sweet but not too  sweet, with a beguiling umami note from the brown butter and the miso, which is all tied together with copious chocolate chunks and a healthy sprinkle of flaky salt.

If you’re looking for a simple, handheld dessert for your guests to munch on as the more-anticipated award recipients are announced, this cookie is a winner. 

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Chicago mix popcornChicago mix popcorn (Mary Elizabeth Williams)Image_placeholder
Of course, popcorn is a consummate snack for movie-going, so why not also incorporate it into the big night that celebrates movies?
Senior writer Mary Elizabeth Williams make a simple bag of microwaves popcorn and then flavors portions in different manners before combining it all in one large bowl. The savory popcorn contains butter, cheddar cheese powder and mustard powder, while the sweet contains brown sugar, corn syrup, butter and vanilla. When eaten together, you’ll be blown away. 
Eggplant ParmigianaEggplant Parmigiana (Getty Images/Armando Rafael)Image_placeholder
No Oscars party is complete without an Italian-American staple. In this case, eggplant parm steps up the plate, a perfect item for the vegetarians (just be mindful of the rennet in the cheese!) and the carnivores alike, doused with a heaping amount of cheese and lots and lots of rich, umami-laden tomato sauce.

You can opt to cut and cook the eggplant however you see fit; no matter which option you go with, the dish is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

Marshmallow BlondieMarshmallow Blondie (Mary Elizabeth Williams)Image_placeholder
A whimsical dessert that hits on multiple craving points, this Mary Elizabeth Williams brownie is a special one. 
Harnessing all of the flavor of brownies (just without the cocoa) and amping it up with marshmallow and peanut butter (either chunky or smooth) makes this a truly irresistible sweet bite. 

As Williams puts it, “My own final product isn’t pretty, but it sure is good. The marshmallow gets bronzed and gooey, the peanut butter gets melty and conversation while eating becomes completely impossible.” 

Macaroni & CheeseMacaroni & Cheese (Mary Elizabeth Williams)Image_placeholder

Any party — even an Oscars shindig — benefits from a macaroni and cheese to round out the varying dishes.

Feel free to swap in some additional cheeses or use the milk (or plant-based milk) of your choosing to make this your own. 
EloteElote (Mary Elizabeth Williams)Image_placeholder

This is a real gem of a dish. 

Senior writer Mary Elizabeth Williams takes the flavors of the famous Mexican elote and turns it into a dip of sorts, elevating frozen corn to new heights. Williams combines the broiled corn with mayonnaise, lime juice and hot sauce, which is then topped with Cotija and cilantro before being served with corn chips for serving (or, as Williams puts it, scooping).

Yeah . . . you might want to make a double batch of this one. 

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