How and When to Tune In to Fleishman Is In Trouble

The pre-pandemic New York of 2016 is back in our lives again, at least in Fleishman Is In Trouble, the new FX series based on celebrated journalist Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s novel of the same name. In the wry drama, Jesse Eisenberg stars as Toby Fleishman, a recent divorcee hooked on hook-up apps whose ex-wife, the calculated publicist Rachel (Claire Danes), goes radio-silent without warning. She drops the kids off at Toby’s apartment and leaves for a retreat, only for days to pass without a second word from her. Lizzy Caplan stars as narrator Libby Epstein, a college friend of Toby’s who captures the ecstasy and agony of Toby’s newly realized freedom—in a voice not altogether different from Brodesser-Akner’s own. Read the book first if you can; tune in once the existential dread takes hold.

How can I watch Fleishman Is In Trouble?

FX’s deal with Hulu means you can watch each episode of Fleishman as they drop on Hulu. Subscriptions start with an ad-supported tier at $7.99 per month, or you can opt for the Disney bundle, which includes Disney+ and ESPN+, starting at $13.99 per month.

When do new episodes of Fleishman Is In Trouble come out?

The first two episodes are already streaming on Hulu, but subsequent chapters will land on Thursdays at 12:01 a.m. EST. The release schedule is as follows:

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  • Episode 1, “Summon Your Witnesses,” streaming as of Nov. 17
  • Episode 2, “Welcome to Paniquil,” streaming as of Nov. 17
  • Episode 3, “Free Pass,” streaming Nov. 24
  • Episode 4, “God, What an Idiot He Was,” streaming Dec. 1
  • Episode 5, “Vantablack,” streaming Dec. 8
  • Episode 6, streaming Dec. 15
  • Episode 7, streaming Dec. 22
  • Episode 8, streaming Dec. 29

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