7 Types of Fake Lashes for Experts and Newbies Alike

Q: How do you pick the right lash extensions for you?

Lyons: The best way to find the right set for you is to use the Loveseen quiz. It’s super helpful! It asks you a few questions that help us give you some recommendations. And if you’re not sure you can always DM me and send me a picture. I answer all of these questions time and time again, day and night, I really do!

Murphy: There is a general rule of thumb when choosing the correct lash style – think opposites attract! For instance, if you have a very round shaped eye, you might want to try a flared lash style. This will balance out the roundness and give the illusion of elongating the eye. Ultimately, you want a lash that will compliment your natural eye shape and accentuate your features. However, it truly boils down to personal preference. Wear whatever makes you comfortable and confident! If you need help choosing a style, here are our recommendations for each eye shape:

Almond: A round lash style is the most complimentary, but almond eyes can pull off any lash style. Lucky them!

Round: A flared, winged lash style is the most complimentary for round eyes.

Hooded: A round lash style is the most complimentary for hooded eyes.

Monolid: A longer, round lash style is the most complimentary for monolid eyes.

Q: Should I try lash strips or lash extensions?

Murphy: Lash extensions can be damaging to your natural lashes if you continuously have them without taking breaks, or if you’re getting them done by someone who is not properly professionally trained. False lashes are an amazing alternative as they aren’t aggressive on your natural lashes, you have more freedom to play around with different styles, and they are much more comfortable for daily wear. I don’t know about you, but I love to rub my eyes and sleep on my stomach – you can’t do that with lash extensions!

Q: How long does a strip extension last?

Murphy: A false lash should last all day or all night long, no matter what you’re wearing them for! Velour lashes are comfortable to wear for long periods of time as we have flexible, lightweight cotton bands, and the highest quality premium fibres that sit effortlessly on top of your natural lash line.

Q: What’s the secret to the perfect lash extension application?

Lyons: One of the most important things with the application that I have learned the hard way is that you really have to let the glue dry. I also find that if I put a little dab of glue on my actual eyelid and let both of those parts get really sticky that then when they hit each other they stick and it really helps. Another trick that I use a lot is that I take a dark brown or black powder and use a really thin angled brush and that gives me a really nice softening blended line, especially if I don’t want to use a heavy liner and I want to have a more natural look.

Murphy: Prep: Gently remove lashes from their tray. Toggle the band back and forth to ensure the lash isn’t stiff for application. If you’re using a full-length lash, this is when you would measure and trim the band, ensuring you only trim from the outer corner, never the inner. Step 1: Brush a thin layer of Velour’s White Lash Adhesive on the band and wait approximately 30 seconds for it to get tacky. Add extra to the corners for additional hold. Step 2: Grasp the lash with the Velour Too Easy Applicator and place it on top of your natural lashes, as close to your lash line as possible. Lastly, secure the corners and ensure the lash is in the most flattering spot

Q: How do you remove lash extensions?

Murphy: Removing your lashes is quite easy! Gently lift the outer corner of the lash band from the eye, and slowly peel off from one end to the other. If you’re having a hard time grasping the corner of the lash band due to excess adhesive, use your nail to peel up the corner. Never pull on the lash fibres to remove as this can damage the lashes.


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