Step Inside Tiffany’s ‘Vision & Virtuosity’ Exhibition

In the immortal words of the late, great Audrey Hepburn, “I’m just CRAZY about Tiffany’s!” To be honest, aren’t we all? Thankfully, London’s Saatchi Gallery is making all our wildest jewelry dreams come true by giving a home to the house’s traveling “Vision & Virtuosity” exhibition, open now through August 19. Featuring 400 archival pieces and Tiffany-adjacent items, from the original Breakfast at Tiffany’s script to the first-ever Blue Book—the O.G. Tiffany & Co. catalog—a deep dive into the history of what is arguably the jewelry world’s most illustrious brand is the perfect way to mark its 150th anniversary since arriving in the British capital.

Regarding the title of the exhibition, “Vision is the concept that an artist or creative person has an inkling, a spark of a concept or idea that hasn’t happened before…and has the boldness to realize it,” curator Christopher Young exclusively tells “Virtuosity, on the other hand, is the excellence of the ability to do that—incredible craftsmanship, incredible materials.” The duality of vision and virtuosity is inextricably linked to Tiffany’s founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, who first dreamed up the idea of fancy store in New York City that sells exotic goods from overseas, like sapphires and Mississippi River pearls.

Tickets for “Vision & Virtuosity” are currently available on the Tiffany & Co. Exhibition app, available on the iOS and Google Play app stores. If you can’t make it across the pond, take a look inside the exhibition here.


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