Harry Styles and James Corden Try to Make a Music Video For ‘Daylight’ With $300 and 3 Hours

With the release of his new album Harry’s House, Harry Styles is in full promotion mode and he recently had some help from late night host and friend James Corden. In a segment for The Late Show, Styles and Corden made a music video for his hit single “Daylight.” Normally, a video for the former One Direction star would have a pretty huge budget, but to give themselves a challenge they decided to do it on only $300. And in 3 hours.

That budget had to cover a location, props, costumes, and shooting the project. Styles definitely has a style and he and Corden tried to maintain the spirit of his other music videos with colorful oufits, finding a rainbow striped shirt, giant bow tie, gold bowler hat, and matching necklace for the pop artist. Corden decided to cut down on expenses by getting behind the camera even though he has no experience directing.

“I’ve never directed a music video before, are you trusting me with this?” Corden jokes. Styles didn’t really have another option.

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For a location, they knocked on doors in Brooklyn and a surprising number of people recognized neither of the mega celebrities. Eventually, they hit the jackpot with an apartment full of young women, which is definitely Styles’s market. They were happy to welcome Corden, and even happier to find Styles behind him.

“I mean, way bigger reaction than mine,” Corden said as the girls giggled when their hero appeared. “Way bigger. Way bigger reaction!”

It even turned out that one of the girls had a bunch of Harry Styles and One Direction merchandise, which Corden encouraged her to hide. They then broke out their goofy props, the kind of stuff you might find in a party store, and got to work. Corden got creative, encouraging Styles to be “sexy” for the camera. Can he be any other way? As funny as the segment was, the music video for “Daylight” actually isn’t half bad. And see if you can catch Corden’s brief cameo.

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