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The world would be a better place if college textbooks looked (and read) a bit more like the pages of a good magazine. And though we at ELLE can’t promise to distill all the fashion industry’s many lessons into one issue, we’re committed to helping talented clotheshounds get the education that can launch their careers. Fuse those objectives, and you’ll discover the next iteration of ELLE Education—a fully online, internationally accredited university program that harnesses ELLE-endorsed expertise to connect eager readers with classes that elevate their fashion knowledge from hobby to career.

Currently accepting enrollments for the 2022 academic year, the platform—a partnership with educational innovation company Mindway—offers master’s programs and diploma courses accredited by the Spanish university Complutense University of Madrid, as well as individual courses for those looking to improve singular skills. Six-month diploma programs begin on April 18, and include Interior Design, Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands, and Visual Merchandising and Fashion Styling. Those not yet ready to leap into a full course load can select two-month-long individual classes, each certified by ELLE Education and Mindway. Subjects include product design, personal shopping, influencer marketing, and brand ideation.

First launched in Spain before going international in 2020, ELLE Education has maintained its mission of accessibility for more than a decade: Diploma programs start at 2,400 euros, while short courses cost 750 euros. And for those who unable to follow the schedule or syllabus of a regular program, ELLE Education’s “Open Programs” offer 10- to- 20-hour courses for less than 100 euros. To sign up and learn more, go to

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