The Limitation Of Sophistry By Remi Oyeyemi

I have read a lot of politically correct articles. I have read a lot of interesting views about the situation in Nigeria, particular what is unfolding in Yorùbá land.

I have heard narratives that pretend to be “civilized” while their homeland, their heritage and their history are being existentially threatened. 

I have read direct and indirect rationalizations of the murder of our mothers, the raping of our daughters, the killing of our sisters, the massacre of our aunts, uncles, brothers and fathers. Many of them are maimed. Our villages and towns are being burnt down. Our ancestral land are being destroyed on daily basis without any abatement.

I have read postulations, as howlingly hollow as it could get, suggesting that there is nothing to really worry about as far as Nigerian situation is concerned. That it is just an ordinary issue of mis-governance. It would soon blow over.

That all we need to do is to see a common humanity with the barbarians who are leaving our lands desolate. That all we need to do is to be open – minded with close – minded,  cold blooded murderers. 

That all we need to do is to put on our white linen garment and jump into the mud to appeal to the rapacious pigs who refused to be placated. 

Haaa! I am already calling fellow human beings “pigs”! That is not right. That is not what we are. That is not “civilized.” That is not “open – minded.”  Arrant nonsense.

Here we are speaking of efforts to erase ethnic nationalities that have not threatened any other. Or constitute any threat whatsoever to any other.

It is nauseating. It makes one puke. It makes one sick. It annoys. It irritates. But it must be tolerated. And it is even necessary. 

It was Pini Jason (may his soul rest in peace) who insisted that an idea under the table (not expressed in the open) would be ascribed wrong value. This is because no one has been able to see it and evaluate it. Jason philosophized that we must encourage every idea to be put on the table for everyone to see  it, evaluate it, examine it, interrogate it, vigorously, thoroughly, forcefully and robustly.

Only then could the true value of such idea be adequately assessed.

PEACE is the most important element for a polity. But what we have in Nigeria right now is the fantasy of Thomas Hobbes.  It is what has been foisted on us by a Fulani oligarchy. 

And those who are carrying these heinous acts out are also Fulani. At least over 80% of them. And I remember my Mathematics class that if it is above .5, one could round it up to figure 1. Here we are speaking of .8 out of 1! Now should we call it an Igbo problem rather than Fulani? Or we should call it Tiv, Jukun, Hausa, Mumuye, Yorùbá, Ibibio, Igala and Nupe problem rather than Fulani?

What kind of argument is that? Is it not imperviousness to ignore extant facts? Is it not denial to rationalize obvious evil and plead for acquiescence under the garb of “civilized conversation” while we are being murdered on daily basis? 

Is it not the right thing to do to be HONEST to each other and call a spade its true name so that we know how to preserve ourselves? 

Why must we be courteous to those seeking to erase us from the surface of the Earth? Why do we need to be civil to those who refused to be placated and are bent on destroying us? 

The issue on the TABLE right now is the SURVIVAL OF THE YORÙBÁ NATION AND ITS PEOPLES. The preservation of the lives of our sons and daughters is the PRIORITY right now.

 Whatever personal relationship anyone has with any Hausa man, Fulani man, Igbo man or any man of any other tribe does not matter and does not count right now. And I know many of us have such relationships.

Sophistry as a tool to justify or rationalize or excuse the Fulani conscious, open, clear and dedicated efforts to annihilate, subdue and occupy our Yorùbá land has to be seen as despicable and must be totally rejected.

Enough of red herring and unnecessary distractions.

We must focus on how to preserve ourselves, our lands, our heritage and our history. The first step in this direction is to identify the ENEMY. And right now, the FULANI IS THE ENEMY. At least, the extant facts are in agreement with this.

Thank you.

Remi Oyeyemi
Omo Owá, Omo Ekùn.
April 3, 2022


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