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Fresh start, anyone? April is a turning point month, bookended by two new moons. While the first three weeks are more about tying up loose ends, you’ll want to take your slate-clearing efforts seriously. On April 30, a Taurus solar eclipse sweeps through your first house of identity, heralding an extreme life makeover. Hello, new you! While Aries season may slow the pace for the first three weeks, once the Sun moves into Taurus on April 19, it’s all systems go.


Not that this month will be uneventful. April 12 brings the historic conjunction (meetup) of expansive Jupiter and boundless Neptune. The cosmic freedom seekers will unite in Pisces, the zodiac sign they co-rule, for the first time since 1856. Get ready for a spiritual awakening or a divine download on this intuition-activating day.


The biggest moment of the month, however, arrives at the very end. On April 30, the Taurus solar (new moon) eclipse rockets you onto an empowered new path. This is also a black moon, meaning it’s the second new moon to fall in a single month. What’s the right next step for the person you are NOW? With eclipses, you never quite know where you’ll land, but it almost doesn’t matter. Adopt a spirit of adventure and see where this lunar energy leads you.

Aries season and the Aries new moon: Prepare for the next chapter

Power down a little, Taurus. The Sun is in Aries and your sleepy twelfth house until April 19, tempting you to hit the pillow instead of the pavement. And that’s okay! With mad-genius Uranus and the potent north node both in your sign this year, you’ve come up with a LOT of ideas and possibilities. But before you tip from creativity into chaos, take a minute to integrate all of these powerful downloads. Some Bulls have had a lot of change in their lives, and in a much larger dose than usual. All the more reason to take it slow and steady.


Of course, keep a seat warm for the muse because she’s likely to arrive pretty quickly! The April 1 new moon in Aries could send your creative right brain into overdrive. You don’t want to be so preoccupied with your whirling thoughts that you miss a huge intuitive flash. With clever Mercury and healer-feeler Chiron traveling in tandem with the new moon, the stars could open a powerful portal for spiritual work or an artistic venture, one that could unfold over the next six months. Set your sights on the October 9 Aries full moon for it all to come to fruition.


Is it time to close one door so you can fully open another? This new moon of fresh starts falls in your twelfth house of closure, which might sound like a contradiction. But endings are the door to beginnings, so take inventory of those loose ends you might tie up before your birthday. Got some inner work to do, Taurus? The Aries new moon illuminates where you have some healing or forgiveness work to do, a path you can begin walking this month.

The April 4 Mars-Saturn conjunction throws a career curveball

Your career could hit a bumpy point on April 4, when structured Saturn unites with rash Mars in Aquarius and your tenth house of success. Should you forge ahead with an opportunity or bide your time to see if something better comes along? The Mars-Saturn mashup could feel like you have one foot on the gas, the other on the brake. A career opportunity may require you to strike just the right balance of patience and pushing through to the finish line. 


Mars is in Aquarius from March 6 to April 14 this year, so you’ve been navigating this tension for a few weeks already. Once you find the sweet spot between grace and gusto, you might just score a major coup. But you’ll have to stay in the “dance” with the other person—not getting stopped by a “no” but taking the time to really hear their objections and consider them fully. When people feel that you’ve truly listened to them, they might just open their ears (and minds) to you. 


That said, this date may not actually resolve any issues, but it could bring them into your awareness so you can start making repairs and improvements. Look for the teachable moments in any conflicts or challenges.


Mars and Saturn are known as the “malefic” (unfavorable or challenging) planets. Their last conjunction was on March 31, 2020, right as the United States ordered a stay-at-home quarantine for 240 million Americans and the pandemic’s reality struck hard. With both planets in Aquarius, the sign of community and society, we can expect to feel the strain of their combined transit once again.

The April 12 Jupiter-Neptune conjunction brings magic to team efforts

Ready to be part of a (literal) dream team? When fantasy planet Neptune and expansive Jupiter make their historic union in Pisces, your eleventh house of group activity becomes a miracle zone. Manifesting isn’t a one-person job, Taurus. The power of the collective makes itself known when these two freedom-loving planets unite. 


Jupiter and Neptune haven’t conjoined like this in Pisces since the 1850s, a key time in the fight for abolition and women’s suffrage, as well as a peak moment in the Spiritualist movement. As these visionary planets meet in your collaborative and humanitarian eleventh house, your own justice warrior could be fired up for change. Go ahead, start a revolution for inclusivity and free expression, Taurus. But rather than adopt a fighting stance, see if you can win converts by spreading hope, love and compassion.

April 16: The Libra full moon starts a spring wellness kick

Salud! On April 16, the annual Libra full moon beams into your sixth house of health and organization. Decluttering is your superpower, so get ready to streamline your life. Whether you do a wardrobe purge, a deep cleaning or a nutrition overhaul, this systematic full moon wants to restore order to your cosmic court. 


No need to do that all alone, Bull. Since the sixth house rules employees, you might delegate some work to a skilled specialist or add some helpful people to Team Taurus. Are there slackers in your midst? This full moon could find you showing them the door. 


Before you go on a frenzied Extreme Life Makeover, review your options. This full moon will form a tense angle to controlling Pluto, which is in Capricorn and your philosophical, expansive ninth house. You could slip into the overthinking trap, analyzing the pros and cons of your options to the point that it becomes impossible to make a decision. Your need for control could reach an uncomfortable peak.


Then, on April 18, the Sun in your twelfth house of surrender will lock into an exact square (challenging 90-degree angle) with Pluto, making you susceptible to confusion and emotional blackmail. Beware your own temptation to play devil’s advocate or know-it-all. Do you need to finish something from your past before you go barreling off into new terrain? Take the time to do that. Grieve a loss, do some closure work with an ex, forgive someone if you can. 


It’s hard to be patient when you want certainty, but sometimes, forcing things comes around to bite you. How about you sleep on it (literally) and let your subconscious process this? When Taurus season starts in a couple days, you’ll be in a much better place to think this through. 

You’re back! Taurus season begins April 19

Ah, now that’s more like it! On April 19, the Sun starts its annual sojourn through Taurus and your first house of self. Between now and May 20, put your goals front and center and watch your can-do, vibrant energy return. This year’s Taurus season comes with an extra booster rocket, as iconoclastic Uranus and the karmic north node are both in your sign, firing you up for a radical change of path. You could launch into a whole new life direction, especially at the Taurus solar eclipse on April 30. While your sign isn’t always the biggest fan of change, it’s been the only constant since Uranus entered Taurus in 2018. By now, you might be used to it—so might as well embrace it this April and May.

Pluto: First new retrograde of the year on April 29

From April 29 to October 8, investigative Pluto begins a five-month backspin through Capricorn and your expansive, metaphysical ninth house, which could find you questioning some deeply held beliefs. During this cycle, you might embark on some intensive research involving a philosophical or educational topic, engage in soul-searching travel or attract people who make you rethink your assumptions. If you do take a vacation, keep your guard up as Pluto retrograde can magnetize some untrustworthy characters into your orbit. Consider returning to a place where you’ve had a big life transformation or signing up for a deep-diving retreat. Just be careful about falling for a slick sales pitch with manipulative Pluto retrograde: Check references and conduct your due diligence to make sure it’s all aboveboard. 


April 30 Taurus new moon and partial solar eclipse

Ready for an epic new start? Before you can say “It’s gonna be May,” the Taurus solar (new moon) eclipse sweeps through the skies on April 30, hitting a hard reset button on yourclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” entire life. This also happens to be a black moon, the fancy name for a second new moon that falls in a single calendar month. Get ready to welcome, well, just about anything!


This is the second eclipse in a series that’s rippling across the Taurus/Scorpio axis from November 2021 until October 2023. These eclipses are revolutionizing your personal path and your closest relationships, shuffling the balance of “me” and “we.” Look back to any changes sparked last November, as you may be ready to take concrete steps after today’s eclipse.

Love gets an infusion of lightness and levity this month with amorous Venus winging through Pisces and your eleventh house of fun and friendship from April 5 until May 2. If you’re attached, you might find the couple bubble a bit claustrophobic and crave more independence. But rather than make that a challenge for the relationship, open up a little more space to put the petty stuff in perspective and make your hearts grow fonder. 


Single? Don’t push for commitment just because you’re not comfortable with uncertainty. Keep things casual and enjoy this flirty phase! Have those swiping fingers at the ready and let yourself enjoy getting to know people. With Venus in your tech-savvy eleventh house, you could meet someone great on the dating apps or through mutual friends. 


Once sizzling Mars jumps into Pisces on April 14, your prospects get even hotter—all the more reason not to rush into a serious commitment before it’s time. Bear that in mind while Mars is in Aquarius and your goal-getter tenth house for the first half of April. Establishing a formal commitment too soon could lead to serious FOMO and second thoughts later in the month. 


With a Taurus solar eclipse hitting the reset button on April 30, your entire outlook could change. That day also features a beautiful meetup between your ruler, Venus, and expansive Jupiter, both in Pisces and your open-minded eleventh house. Sparks could fly with a friend or an online connection, possibly someone long-distance. Whatever the case, freedom will be your first priority—and frankly, a potent aphrodisiac. Venus and Jupiter are known as the “benefics” for their helpful and positive influence. If you’re happily coupled, this could be a beautiful day to travel as a duo or to try something totally new.

Your reinvention tour is gearing up, and has been ever since a lunar eclipse arrived in Taurus back in November 2021. And the seismic changes haven’t stopped since! In short order, the karmic north node entered Taurus on January 18, the same day trailblazing Uranus in Taurus shook up business as usual when it roused from a five-month retrograde. Translation: The only constant in your life has been change, but you’re starting to get used to it.


Can you capitalize on this time to make a really bold move or change? With energizer Mars in Aquarius and your ambitious tenth house until April 14, you’re revved up to go after an audacious goal or a leadership position. Keep your eyes on the prize, Taurus—and don’t be afraid to compete for that coveted spot.


But DO pace yourself. You could feel both wired and tired since the Sun is traveling through Aries and your reflective twelfth house until April 19, granting you permission to slow your flow. In fact, you’ll get some of your most important insights if you don’t force yourself to hurtle along like a headstrong Bull. Tune in to your intuition and let your gut guide you. At the April 1 Aries new moon, you could get some major insight through meditation, journaling or acting on a supportive person’s advice. 


We get it: You want passion, purpose and power back—and you want ’em now! And when Mars zooms into Pisces and your idealistic eleventh house from April 14 to May 24, your appetite only gets stronger. While it’s awesome to see you awaken, your steady sign needs to avoid burnout, too.

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