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An early burst of spring fever for you, Scorpio? With the luminous Sun cruising through Pisces and your fifth house of romance, glamour and creativity until March 20, your passion is powered up! You’re thawed out and ready to rock the spotlight while the rest of the world hibernates a little longer. Poised in couch potato mode, they’re the perfect audience for your antics—so give them the performance they want and need!

Not that you won’t be warming up your sofa upholstery, too, Scorp. On March 6, love planets Venus and Mars make a joint migration into Aquarius and your domestic fourth house. With beautifying Venus and motivator Mars united here, you’ll be eager to tackle any decorating, renovation or moving projects. Get the family and/or roommates involved in the fun! 

Warning: Under these sensitive and emotional skies, you may also be a little thin-skinned, so make sure you’re prepared for any mixed reviews before you trot your heart out onto your sleeves or your talents onto the world stage of Instagram, et al. For the rest of the month, work on fortifying your foundations, from your financial nest egg to your emotional resilience. 

Load up on self-care and support! And touch down to refill your tanks between dates, passion project productivity bursts, or wherever you channel all that Scorpionic fire this month. With NO planets retrograde all of March, you won’t have many constraints or limits…but you also could easily turn into a runaway train if you don’t pace yourself.

By the time Aries season—and the official spring equinox—arrive on March 20, your fever will have broken. The Sun will enter a four-week spell in your sixth house of wellness and organization, inspiring you to whip your projects and plans into shape!

Pisces season pumps up the passion

Your sexy Scorpio swagger is back with a vengeance! No need to wait for the official start of spring because you’ll be feeling the rising temperatures all month long. With the Sun in Pisces and your vivacious, glamorous fifth house through March 20, all eyes will be on you.

Ready to invite more love into your life? Make the most of these three weeks as the amorous vibes are soaring. Even if you’re just “window shopping,” flirt to your heart’s content. If nothing else, it’ll give your own unconscious the message that you are indeed in the mood for love. This fired up, you’ll exude confidence and creativity. Don’t focus on the final product so much, Scorpio. Just enjoy the process until you’re sure you’re ready for the big reveal.

That doesn’t mean the spotlight won’t be looking for you, though. On March 2, the year’s only Pisces new moon sparks up some early spring fever. Whether you’re falling in love with an attractive new crush or getting swept up in the excitement of a creative project, the passion starts to percolate over the next couple weeks. 

Widen your radius when searching for romance or artistic collaborators. On March 5, the Sun will form its once-a-year conjunction (meetup) with abundant Jupiter, the planet of luck, adventure and long-distance connections. Dubbed the “Day of Miracles,” it’s believed by some astrologers to be one of the most fortunate dates of the year. Branch out of your comfort zone and take a chance.

The March 3 Mars-Pluto conjunction intensifies communication

The day after the new moon, things become a bit more…Scorpionic. Take a pause from being a total open book as your co-rulers, Mars and Pluto, make a rare connection for the first time in two years, uniting in your communication sector. Not everyone’s playing fair or being transparent today, Scorpio, so if you don’t get the answers you’re looking for, cut ‘em some slack. Though you may find people’s evasions maddening, pushing for a straight answer probably isn’t the best tactic. Instead, focus on getting what you need and then being strategic in your quest for the info. 

If all else fails, you can always try catching those flies with honey. Luckily, peacekeeper Venus is also conjunct Mars and Pluto today, helping (or at least, valiantly attempting) to bring some diplomacy into the mix. Sweet-talking Venus can help smooth over any tensions, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Do your best to set aside your frustrated reactions—or even better, jump in with an olive branch before they reach that state.

The March 18 Virgo full moon sparks up your social life

Your winter shut-in days are over, Scorpio—it’s time to get out and have some fun! The perfect opportunity arrives on March 18, when the Virgo full moon beams in your social eleventh house. Gather with your favorite group or say yes to a promising collaboration. Your social media game is strong under these moonbeams, so use your platform to crowdsource or spread the word. Has a friendship reached a pivotal turning point? You may decide to go in a different direction—or have a serious talk about ways you can get back on the same page as each other. 

The eleventh house rules technology, so if you’re planning a launch or digital debut, this is a great day to make your cyber splash. Or maybe you’ll explore the emerging Web3 space, learning about NFTs or the movement to “decentralize” data to protect individual rights. The topic could certainly lead to an interesting debate or reading rabbit hole!

Aries season begins March 20 at the spring equinox

You’ll be ready to gallop ahead on a big professional project once the focused Sun moves into Aries and your hardworking sixth house on March 20. Aries brings unparalleled “get this mission started” energy. If you’ve been procrastinating because you weren’t sure where to begin or didn’t have all the pieces in place, follow the Ram’s lead and jump in horns-first. You just have to break the ice, and the rest will flow organically. 

The sixth house also rules systems and organization, so save some energy for a little (or a mega) decluttering mission. You think better when your desk, laptop and home are tidy and clean. Time spent clearing out junk is an investment in your immediate future. So carve out an hour here, an hour there for going through the piles and stacks and throwing out, recycling and donating. 

At home and work, examine the nuts and bolts of HOW you operate, find the slack and eradicate it! Make it your aim to have Team Scorpio running like a well-oiled machine. Health is the domain of the sixth house, too, and you know what THAT means! Coffee and donuts are not a legit meal, Scorp. It’s time to get clean, lean and green with your diet. Find some kind of movement or exercise that you actually enjoy and build it in your week. You don’t have to train for a half-marathon: A weekly dance class and some stretching in between is a great place to start.

The March 22 Mars-Uranus square creates relationship tension

On March 22, hotheaded Mars in your homeclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” and family zone will lock into a tense square with volatile Uranus in your relationship sector. Everyone could feel cooped-up and cranky, and with an irascible Mars-Uranus square, knee-jerk reactions will be hard to prevent. Careful not to sling any of your famous Scorpio barbs. One low blow could trigger a meltdown that could take a LOT of time to repair. Do your best to find a common agenda before people’s nerves and reactions pass the point of no return.

Get out of your head, Scorpio! After four months in Capricorn and your mental third house, amorous Venus moves into a far more heart-centered place—Aquarius and your sentimental fourth house—on March 6. Even better? Passionate Mars, which has been co-piloting in Capricorn since January 24, will enter Aquarius on that same day, making an exact conjunction to Venus. This cosmic coincidence will strengthen the influence of this touchy-feely zodiac zone.

Venus has been in Capricorn for an extended tour since November 5, 2021, courtesy of a challenging six-week retrograde period from December 19 until January 29. Last month, the duo united in Capricorn and your communicative third house at the February 16 Leo full moon. 

If Valentine’s Week brought talk of getting serious or a flirty new connection, don’t be surprised if early March finds you developing stronger feelings about a special someone. At the very least, you’ll be far more in touch with your feelings and needs by the time spring arrives.

Venus is in Aquarius until April 5, and Mars stays until April 14. Use this time to really nurture yourself. Aquarius rules your home and family sector, and you’ll want to build and strengthen bonds and connect from the heart. It’s a great time to spruce up your home, talk about family plans and see relatives you haven’t visited in months. Thinking of meeting the parents or introducing a love interest to your closest crew? This month, you could make a gesture that helps you test the waters and learn if it’s safe to be more vulnerable with a certain someone.

On March 28, Venus will make an exact meetup with serious Saturn, the planet of formality and maturity. This could be a day for “adulting” in your relationship, like putting a down payment on a home, talking family plans or just taking greater responsibility for your emotions and needs. 

Mingle for your jingle! With the Sun in Pisces and your social third house until March 20, it’s prime time to get in touch with your best connections. With go-getter Mars in Aquarius and your domestic fourth house from March 6 to April 14 (and aesthetic Venus here through April 5), you might redecorate your workspace, set up a home-based business or try a joint project with family. 

There are three stellar days this month to pitch or explore new collabs. Book your meetings for the March 2 Pisces new moon, a great day to forge new connections. The March 5 Sun-Jupiter conjunction could bring a long-distance synergy or opportunity to teach, publish and share your work. And the March 18 Virgo full moon has “team spirit” written all over it, making it an excellent day to join a networking group, officialize a multi-person venture or celebrate a group milestone. How about a fun dinner or night out together? 

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